Fleets Get Smart with Mobile Phone Technology

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In the recent past many mobile phones have been produced which have drastically changed the  operations of most companies. Using  these devices, people are able to  plan with their work environment at their fingertips and at the same time live their lives. The scope of  mobile phone technology use also extends to fleet management companies and even transport managers. With  mobile devices people are able to get a wide range  of mobility options which can be all accessed by  a single search. Even the drivers themselves are using their phones to manage company vehicles. Passengers are also not left behind.

GPS-based automatic vehicle location systems have been created that allow passengers to know where the vehicles are and also how far are they from the next stop. You can get in touch with EyeRide Online to have this system installed in your vehicles. Mobile technology is transforming fleet management in the following ways:

Accident management

With the aid of telematics devices, an advanced crash detection system has been created which is able to monitor acceleration and vibrations to detect when  a crash has occurred. These are tested devices which have a high success rates.



Technology  companies are liaising with vehicle manufacturers to create an app that will  be able to detect any dashboard diagnostic warning lights and then send reports about the  problem to the vehicle manufacturer or dealer, who in turn will then contact the customer informing them  to book a  vehicle  service. The  app will be able to read the fault codes of the vehicle and as such the manufacturer will have all the information on the  kind of  problem the vehicle is experiencing and how it can be fixed. It will be able to send live data feeds to call centres, and then drivers will be contacted so that the problem can be discussed. This sort of information can be crucial in helping drivers avoid breakdowns.

Driver behaviour

A telematics box has been created which will detect the location of the vehicle as well as  log the common errors drivers make. These errors include braking, speeding, lane discipline, the ways  drivers turn around  corners and untimely acceleration. With this information fleet managers are able to know if their drivers are at risk. The drivers are then categorized according to those who pose  a high risk to those   with minimum risk. The information is  then  applied to correct any bad habits. The good thing about this app is that it can send real-time updates to fleet managers through texts and emails, and then make incidents known to drivers as well.

Overall fleet management

Telematics apps connected to mobile phones and can send important driver information, such as  the fleets they belong to and even any financial penalties . The system can also enable employees to upload their mileage and can track the status of every vehicle. Drivers can also  check  the weather and  traffic conditions with the aid of mobile devices, making it easier to optimize routes.

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