Razer Edge Windows 8 gaming tablet

Razer Edge Windows 8 gaming tablet (click)

With Intel Ivy Bridge chip and discrete graphics, Razer Edge hopes to carve its way into the gaming hearts and minds.

We first saw Razer Edge at CES in Las Vegas and today March 1st it’s being made available for preorder by razerzone. Razer Edge will start shipping on 1st of May 2013. The starting price of $999 will get you mid-range Intel Core i5 CPU, NVDIA GeForce GT640M GPU and 64GB of SSD storage. The SSD can go up to 256GB and Core i7 is also available for Razer Edge Pro for total of $1300.

Razor Edge windows 8 gaming tablet with keyboard

Also optional are some cool accessories. Keyboard dock needs to be bought separately if you want to use it for a notebook. Unsure about the cost, but it is aimed at Q3 availability. A $100 Docking Station will enable you to connect Razer Edge to your TV. It will also add 3 USB 2.0 ports, and 1 HDMI port. Gaming controller displayed above can be added to your Razer Edge gaming tablet PC for extra $249.

Top of the line Razor Edge tablet sells for $1449, which seems like a lot of money for a gaming tablet that gets you only about an hour and a half of battery play time.

Via Slashgear