OZONE DSP24, DSP27 are 144 Hz gaming monitors and with AMD FreeSync

OZONE DSP24, DSP27 specifications price

OZONE, the brand specialists in the design and development of peripherals aimed at the public gamer, has recently presented its first monitors, the DSP24 and DSP27 models. Both models have an external aesthetic definitely oriented towards the segment of gaming users. But the important thing is that they use panels with a vertical refresh rate of 144 Hz, and are compatible with the use of AMD FreeSync technology.

The arrival of OZONE to the competitive market of high performance monitors is an interesting bet on the part of the company, which until now had focused its efforts on the design and production of other types of peripherals, such as keyboards, mice, mouse pads and headphones.. Of course, all of them with a very clear gamer aesthetic. Aesthetics that, of course, inherit the new monitors OZONE DSP24 and DSP27.

Both the DSP24 model and the DSP27 share many technical characteristics, among which is having both monitors, a Full HD screen resolution. As well as being designed with the ergonomics of its use in mind, given that both models have elevation adjustment, rotation in the horizontal and in the vertical plane, and inclination of the screen. In this way, it will be easier for the user to find the perfect position to spend long hours in front of him.

The screen of the new OZONE gaming monitors uses, in both models, a TN matrix, with a response time of its pixels of 1 ms. It is also compatible with AMD FreeSync technology, which allows the improvement of the image, avoiding that you can see images torn on the screen. However, the DSP27 model does have thin screen frames (which makes it a good candidate to play in multi monitor settings), while the DSP24 model uses somewhat thicker screen frames.

Another difference between both models of OZONE, lies in the amount of video signal inputs they have. So, while the OZONE DSP24 has an HDMI input and another DisplayPort, the DSP27 has nothing less than three HDMI inputs and the DisplayPort input on its back. In both models it is shared that they have a 3.5 mm mini jack audio jack to which we can connect our headphones.

The price of the OZONE DSP24 monitor is 209.99 euros, while that of the DSP27 is 299.99 euros. Both models will reach the market in the coming days.

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