The Chromebook wave is gaining on its prowess and Netflix will not ignore it. Up to now ARM based Chromebooks did not support Netflix video. This is about to change.

Joris Evers of Netflix said,

“We are collaborating with Google on a solution for ARM-based Chromebooks,”

Netflix on ChromebooksMost Chromebooks run on x86 architecture, but some including Samsung 3 chromebook do not. Samsung series 3 chromebook has an ARM based chip. Chrome OS is a web based operating system, but Netflix uses Google Native Client technology (NaCl) to make it safe for streaming as well as downloading. Google just updated their Native Client to run on ARM as well so we should see Netflix update their codes to work on ARM based Chromebooks like Samsung series 3. Google also plans to create a Portable Native Client (PNaCl) to allow coders to create a single file that would work on both ARM and x86 architecture.

Netflix on Chromebooks
Chromebooks are of course getting very popular in schools. Some 2,000 schools use chromebooks in United States, primarily because of costs. This is a 100 percent increase since just 3 months ago. Many of these schools must run Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks as charity in cooperation with Google offer these for less than $100.

via cnet