Mortal Blitz VR game available on Steam

Mortal Blitz is now available for purchase on Steam gaming platform. Folks at SKonec Entertainment has completed the development of their consumer targeted VR game ‘Mortal Blitz’ for PlayStation VR, VIVE and CV1. It will also soon makes its way to the Oculus VR store. This is a FPS game that is playable with vive.

Mortal Blitz VR game

Compared to the previous version that was available for the PlayStation VR, this new one features a new extreme difficulty level, a new costume for heroine Rachel and a leader board.

Jordhan Choi, a VP of SKonec Entertainment said,

We are expecting impressive results from this release in the biggest VR gaming platform.

You can purchase it for 19.99 dollars from the Steam store. Minimum requirements are given below.

* Title: Mortal Blitz
* Developer: SKonec Entertainment
* Platform: PC (Steam store)
* Genre: VR stylish action shooter
* System requirements: Intel i5-7590, 8GB RAM, GeForce GTX 970, HTC Vive VR Headset, Player: 1 player

VR gaming is on the rise and games like Mortal Blitz will definitely do well. We have been told that those updates will soon be pushed to the Playstation VR users as well. However, there is no concrete date on when that update will arrive.

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