Microsoft Surface Pro Release on Feb 9th

Microsoft Surface Pro tablet
Microsoft Surface Pro tablet (click)

Microsoft has set the US and Canada release date of Surface Pro Tablet to February 9th.

Microsoft Surface tablets with Windows RT have been around since October last year. Surface Pro tablets will feature a full version of Windows 8 OS.

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Microsoft Surface Pro tablet featuring full Windows 8 operating system will be able to open all Windows 8 programs as well as all programs compatible with earlier versions of Windows. Surface Pro tablet including an S Pen will start at $899 for 64GB version. Type Cover and Touch Cover keyboard will cost an additional $130 or $120 respectively.

Touch Cover and Type Cover keyboard
Type Cover (left) and Touch Cover (right) keyboard (click)

Check out Microsoft Surface tablet specs and here are few Microsoft Surface Pro unknowns that we will watch out for in the weeks to come.

Via huffingtonpost

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