Backlit Keyboard stickers on your netbook: See the keys in the dark

Do you work in the dark? Or, do you have problems finding the keys in low-light conditions? May be these fluorescent stickers can rescue you!

Backlit Keyboard sticker

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This is a great hack for your old laptop or netbook that does not comes with backlit keys. This may not matter if you are a great touch typist and are able to type in the dark but there are still times when a backlit keyboard on a laptop comes handy.

Another excellent thing about this hack is that it can be used on any netbook.

That said, nothing beats an actual backlit but if there is no such option, this is a nice backlit keyboard for your gadget.

This is a easy solution that does not require you to take your computer apart or poke holes in the middle of keys for adding backlit feature. All you have to do is buy these glowing stickers and place them over your keys. Easy as that.