LG 32UK550: new 4K gaming monitor with HDR and FreeSync for less than 500 euros

The search for a gaming monitor can be an arduous task for many users. The quality / price / technology ratio is usually hardly balanced and if we add some new feature we can go at a very high price. But there are always exceptions like the one that LG has just presented with its 32UK550, a 4K screen with HDR and FreeSync.

LG 32UK550

This 32UK550-B revolves around a 31.5-inch VA panel with a native resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is compatible and supports HDR10, covering 95% of the DCI-P3 color space.

This panel is capable of reproducing 1.07 billion colors for that 95% of which we spoke or instead can reach 100% of sRGB, all thanks to the monitor comes fully calibrated from home.

As a good panel VA has a brightness of 300 nits in a contrast ratio of 3000: 1, achieving a response time of 4 ms GTG, not bad if we take into account that the refresh rate will be 60 Hz with some viewing angles of 178º respectively.

The density of pixels is one of the parameters that many look for in a 4K monitor. This LG with its VA panel gets a density of 140 dpi, which is not very high but it should be enough to represent 4K images with sharpness.

The inclination of the screen will be 5-15º on both sides while the height adjustment will be 110 mm.

LG 32UK550 review

Other key factors are the HDR10, FreeSync and Black Stabilizer. With HDR10 we will have a dynamic update frequency and a better contrast in the image, while with FreeSync we will have more smoothness when playing with our AMD card. It should be noted that the range of this monitor in terms of FreeSync is between 40-60 Hz, so any FPS that does not fall into range can not benefit from this technology.

With Black Stabilizer we will increase the brightness in the dark scenes of the games while with Dynamic Action Sync we will reduce the delay of the entrance since it omits the internal processing.

The input and output capabilities are wide, with this 32UK550-B equipped with two HDMI 2.0 ports and a DisplayPort 1.2, all of which support HDCP 2.2.

To top off these capabilities the monitor will include two 5w speakers and a headphone output, but no USB port.

This LG 32UK550-B is the first 4K monitor of considerable size that is capable of running HDR10 with a price quite groundbreaking, as it will be on the market below 500 euros.

To be specific, the official price is 485 euros and its date of departure in Japan will be on October 11, reaching the rest of the world later where a specific date has not been given.

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