iPhone 7 Leather Case Review: Midnight Blue iPhone case review

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Midnight blue iPhone 7 leather case review. Apple’s leather cases for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are one and only choice out of numerous you have with regards to picking defensive protecting for your gadget. What attracted me to this case specifically, in any case, was its slender profile and the simplicity of which I could expel and set it back on. A couple of weeks in, is it still as awesome as I thought it would be?

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The primary thing I saw about these cases is that they are unimaginably simple to fit properly — and, a much welcome amazement, they are pretty much as easy to take off. I’ve generally had an affection/detest association with spreads, and one of my disappointment focuses has been trouble in expelling a case from my gadget.

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In the event that it’s an excessive amount of inconvenience to take off, I will toss the case in a drawer and never take a gander at it again. Of course, I’m the kind of individual that likes to switch between shaking my iPhone caseless and keeping it in secured when I have to. That may not be an issue other individuals keep running into, particularly on the off chance that you put a case on and abandon it be.

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Already, I never picked to get the Apple Leather Case for my more established iPhone models since I felt it included some mass and thickness. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus’ slimmer profiles may simply be making the dream that this case is slimmer, yet it positively feels that way: It adds no weight to either phone. I see the case somewhat more on the iPhone 7, yet that is generally because of the surface range being littler. The Midnight Blue spread on a matte dark iPhone 7 just feels like it mixes in.

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While I cherish the vibe of a caseless iPhone the same amount of as anyone else, I do find that the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are somewhat dangerous when left revealed. I’m watchful and don’t tend to stress over this time after time yet at whatever time I know will be in a swarmed place, I jump at the chance to snap on a case. The Apple Leather Case is a decent trade off: It adds simply enough grasp to feel like I have a superior hang on it.

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When I initially got the cases, the volume catches and control catch were marginally difficult to press. Following a couple days of utilizing the cases, in any case, that facilitated up and I now have no trouble. I do stress that the delicate pink shade of my iPhone 7 Plus thin case may indicate soil after some time or get to be yellowed, yet the truth will surface eventually.

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In case you’re searching for an a la mode case that feels decent in your grasp and includes some hold, the Midnight blue Apple Leather Case is an awesome choice. I cherish that it is so natural to expel and set back on, which makes it an awesome choice for any individual who switches cases regularly or likes to just utilize cases when they need to (like me).

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iPhone 7 review verdict – The Apple Leather Case will secure your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus from minor drops and spills, yet don’t expect excessively. In case you’re especially clumsy, a more solid case is likely a superior alternative.

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