Intel Pentium G4560 is better than i3 7100: Intel stops manufacturing of Pentium G4560 for being too good

What is the worst thing that can happen to a processor manufacturer? That a cheaper model yields better or equal than a more expensive one. And more problematic is if that model is also made by you. Something like this is what is happening with the Pentium G4560 and the Core i3 7100 . And that’s why Intel will stop manufacturing it.

Intel Pentium G4560 is better than i3 7100

With the new Intel Pentium G processors, the designers of this manufacturer decided to make a truly competitive architecture in the low range. And, since many games were not able to run if they did not see fourth logical threads, they enabled Hyperthreading.

They also decided to increase the L3 cache from 2 to 3 MB. Pair that to a clock speed of 3.5 GHz and we have a good processor for gaming. In essence, we have a Core i3 7100 but for half price. Since the Pentium costs 60 dollars and the Core i3 100 dollars, the only apparent advantage the Core i3 has over the Pentium is 400 MHz extra clock speed. Yes, yes, I know that it has more advantages but, for practical purposes, those 400 MHz are the ones that really differentiate them.

If you are short of money and want to build a new computer for gaming, I do not think you will choose the processor that costs 40 dollars extra. For only 400 MHz extra speed. And I say “play” not to mention a number of other alternatives that do not require very advanced processors. Or, at least, that’s what I would do. And it seems that the rest of users also think in a very similar way. Because sales of the Intel Pentium 4560 have consistently outperformed those of the Core i3 7100. For several months now.

Intel stops manufacturing of Pentium G4560 for being too good

In that situation, Intel has decided to stop Pentium G4560 production. Since as a company is not interested in users buying the cheapest model, they have decided to reduce the number of units manufactured. This would force users to buy the more expensive processor model. In the end, and as usual, the one who ends up paying the broken dishes is the end user. Although all that is expense of what happens with the launch of the upcoming AMD Ryzen 3 which offers great value for money.

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