GadgetMix1The search engine giant Google is partnering up with semiconductor chip giant Intel to bring depth sensing technology to Google’s Android smartphones. Intel showcased many of its new products recently at the Intel Developer Forum that was held in San Francisco. Intel introduced their Project Tango Developer Kit to the spectators, which the company has been collaborating on with Google. This developer kit will be integrated into Android smartphones along with its RealSense technology. This technology will give app developers the chance to develop depth sensing software powered by the developer kit. Users will be able to create apps that can perform indoor navigation, virtual reality, 3D scanning, area learning and much more. 

Intel announced that the developer kit is scheduled to be released at the end of the year for selected Android developers only. These developers are going to be testing the developer kit and will likely provide feedback to Intel and Google. The developer kit will eventually be released to the main public once all the bugs and glitches are worked out from the test run. Google has already put a Project Tango tablet for sale at a price of $512. You can purchase it at the Google Store. However, people are more excited to have this technology brought to Android smartphones because those mobile devices are more popular than tablets. 

Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, had showed off a prototype of the Android smartphone developer kit. The device has several cameras on the backside, which makes it the perfect device for scanning objects in 3D. If you are an architect or someone getting involved in 3D printing, this 3D scanner could be just what you are looking for. Imagine being able to create blueprints in 3D using the scanner and then transferring those scanned images to a 3D printer that can turn them into a physical scale model. This would save so much time and money from having to create the model yourself. 

The Advanced Technology and Projects division of Google is overseeing Project Tango. Google is planning to bring Qualcomm in on the action by using their Snapdragon 810 processor in Project Tango. It will work in conjunction with the 3d motion tracking that will eventually be developed for Project Tango. The results will be phenomenal with the collaboration of all these great tech companies. Both professional and novice Android app developers will be very interested in getting this kit when it becomes mainstream.