Galaxy S10 will come standard with 8GB RAM – Samsung S10 RAM

Both Galaxy S9 and S8 came with 4GB RAM which is not low by any standards but due to pressure from Chinese brands, Samsung has finally decided to double the RAM in S10. According to Weibo tech blogger, total amount of memory in S10/S10+ will be 8GB.

galaxy s10 and s10 plus

However, there will be a cheaper S10 Lite (S10E) variant that will have 6GB RAM, which is still more than what the S8/S9 comes with.

The 8GB RAM will be present in the 512GB storage model only. Additionally, there will be a S10+ model with 12GB RAM and 1TB of storage, which definitely sounds like a bit of overkill by 2019 standards.

Here is the price list as leaked by an Italian tech blog.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite 6/128 GB – 779 euros (equivalent to about 6175 yuan);
Samsung Galaxy S10 6/128 GB – 929 euros (equivalent to about 7180 yuan);
Samsung Galaxy S10 8/512 GB – 1179 euros (equivalent to about 9112 yuan);
Samsung Galaxy S10+ 6/128 GB – 1049 euros (equivalent to about 8107 yuan);
Samsung Galaxy S10+ 8/512 GB – 1299 euros (equivalent to about 10039 yuan);
Samsung Galaxy S10+ 12/1 TB – 1,599 euros (equivalent to about 12,358 yuan).

Other rumored specifications include perforated screen design, dual rear camera, front mounted single camera and hole screen.

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