G.SKILL Sniper X is new memory at 3.4GHz for AMD Ryzen 2000

G.SKILL Sniper X ram

The RAM manufacturer G.SKILL has just introduced its new Sniper X memory kit, a RAM that has been specifically designed to be used with the upcoming AMD Ryzen 2000 processors. These new memories will be available with a frequency of 3,400 MHz to take advantage of the new memory controller used by these next processors. Since its launch, the compatibility controller RAM of Ryzen AMD with modules on the market has never been the best of times. This has made it quite complicated to find memory that is completely compatible with these processors. To which we must add that its controller never admitted memory that worked at more than 3,200 MHz, unlike the Intel controllers, which have been accepting years RAM memory that is capable of operating at more than 4,600 MHz.

Just like when the first AMD Ryzen 1000 processors were launched, the memory that was most mounted with the motherboards was the G.SKILL Flare X, as it was one of the few that were fully compatible at the time of its launch, G.SKILL wants to repeat the success of this with its new memory sticks Sniper X RAM at 3,400 MHz and begin to position them already on the market before the launch of the next AMD Ryzen 2000, which will arrive in mid-April.

One of the most attractive points of the new memory controller that the AMD Ryzen 2000 processors will equip is that they will have a wider range of supported frequencies, which should allow them to support RAM with higher frequencies than we have seen so far. they. In this case, it is clear that the memory controller will support, at least, up to the 3,400 MHz of these new G.SKILL Sniper X DDR4-3400. We assume that AMD will have enabled new RAM dividers so that the overclock of this is more fruitful than until now.

The new G.SKILL Sniper X DDR4-3400 RAM memory kit will only be available with an internal capacity of 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) and will have the identifier F4-3400C16D-16GSXW. The internal latencies of the memory have values ​​of 16-16-16-36 and it requires a voltage of 1.35 V to reach those speeds. It is expected that, as with RAM memory kits for Intel processors, they will carry some type of internal profile that can be identified by the motherboard so that the user can automatically overclock.

G.SKILL has not given information about the price of this memory kit or when they will be available for purchase.

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