Drift DR400 review, a great chair with great features

drift dr400 review

Today we bring you an analysis of a product that moves away from the majority of products that we show on a regular basis. This is the Drift DR400 gaming chair, a type of peripheral that in recent years has earned its place among users and fans. It is a product designed for people who spend many hours sitting in front of the computer, and do not want to tear their backs in the process. Having a good chair and a good keyboard is essential, since the wear is much more noticeable over time.

This DR400 Drift is compared to models of other leading brands such as DXRacer or AKRacing, and is one step above other less known, such as the one we analyzed a year and a half ago. Launched a little less than two months ago, the Drift DR400 is positioned in the high range as far as gaming chairs are concerned, and can be found in stores for around € 250.

The model we are going to show today is blue, but as you can see, we also have it in other colors.

The technical characteristics can be found on the website of the product, and are the following:

External material: high quality soft PU (polyurethane)
Internal material: Foam
Armrest: Adjustable 4D | PU padding (polyurethane)
Base Type: star | Material: metal | Dimensions: 700mm
Wheels Material: nylon | No. of radios: 10 | Diameter: 60mm
Elevator: 80 mm gas piston | Class 4 | Includes embellisher
Functions: Rotating function | Reclining back | Adjustable backrest 90-135º
Cushions: Cervical and lumbar
General measures: 70 x 50 x 122-129 cm (length x width x height)
Available colors: Black / Red, Black / Green, Black / Blue, Black / Gray
Net weight: 23 Kg
Maximum weight supported: 150 kg (Maximum weight allowed with the backrest in vertical position)

As we will see during the analysis, this Drift DR400 is a chair made of high quality synthetic leather, with adjustable arms support and on a tilting support that allows changing both the height of the seat and the inclination. According to the specified dimensions of 70 x 50 x 122-129 cm (more or less, because these data in the table contradict those in the image above), and the maximum weight of 150 kg is a large chair wingspan, valid for large people.

As for the design, we already know that this is a very subjective subject, but we must admit that it has its elegance, and that it emulates the seats of sports cars, with everything is padded and its high-contrast color scheme.

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