Cooler Master MP860 RGB: double surface on new RGB mouse pad

Cooler Master MP860 RGB review

One of the star components of any good gamer is undoubtedly a good mouse pad. Cooler Master is expanding the market of peripherals and accessories knowing the thrust they are having and has therefore innovated in the design of the “mousepad” to present its MP860 RGB.

With this Cooler Master MP860 RGB we find a different mat, not only adds the ability to light up as such, but the brand has included 19 points of color around the perimeter capable of representing the entire RGB spectrum.

Of course all the lighting is programmable by the user through software, but also and thanks to a USB 3.0 that includes, we will be able to control another peripheral of Cooler Master with this program if we connect it to this mousepad.

According to Cooler Master, the effects that we can select and that will be predetermined are: static, breathing, color cycle, wave, stars and personalized.

Cooler Master MP860 RGB

It must be said that this mouse pad has been designed for players, something obvious if we see another of the innovations that it includes. The peculiarity of this accessory is to have two faces of different material, one is made of cloth and the other is made of aluminum.

The cloth side uses a low friction fabric for fast mouse action, while the aluminum side offers precision and control, all accompanied by RGB lighting on both sides.

Another key specification is the size. This MP860 RGB measures 360 x 260 mm and has a thickness of 6 to 10 mm (from front to back) causing an inclination towards the back.

Cooler Master MP860 RGB fabric

This is accompanied by a 1.2 meter cable, which while it may be something short in some scenarios for most should be enough.

Cooler Master will offer a two-year guarantee,  and in terms of availability, it is expected to be immediate, although some distributors may arrive at the beginning of October.

On its price, the manufacturer fixes it at 89.95 euros for the main distributors and retailers.

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