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Sony Enters Game Streaming Market with PlayStation Now

There is an encouraging sign from CES 2014 that the time is fast approaching when most players won’t notice a difference between streaming games and console play. Sony was showcasing their PlayStation Now that uses the power of the cloud instead of a living room box, and only requires gamers to have a controller and a screen with game access.

 At CEPSNow_CES2014S in Las Vegas an early version  of PlayStation Now was available for testing with games like, God of War: Ascension, Beyond: Two Souls, and The Last of Us. In terms of responsiveness and picture quality, PlayStation Now doesn’t yet compete with a locally connected box. Lag time is minimal, but noticeable, and there’s some graininess to the graphics. But for any game that isn’t reliant on twitch reflexes or head-to-head competition, PlayStation Now is already performing well. It will be interesting to see how it performs once it is released to the public summer 2014.

While PlayStation 4 is not backwards compatible with games from previous PlayStation consoles, PlayStation Now will immediately include some of the best titles from the PlayStation 3, and Sony plans to eventually offer games from the libraries of all the previous PlayStations. Beyond its subscription model for access to full games, there will also be rental and demo options available. The service will also support multiplayer gaming, and the ability to save your game progress in the cloud so players can resume play from any compatible device.

We now have reason to believe that we’re only a few years away from gaming through a small box, or no console at all thereby removing initial investment as a barrier to entry. Anyone with a subscription can get online and play.

24-Karat Gold Plated Xbox One: A Christmas Present Everybody Wishes For

The Christmas season is here, the time of the year when maximum numbers of gifts are exchanged. For most of us, waking up on the Christmas day and unwrapping a brand new Xbox One will be enough, but if you think that is not enough for you, then you need to ask Santa Claus to get you the 24 karat gold plated Xbox One. Yes, it is true! Gold plated Xbox One is now available at Harrods, London.  xbox-one

After the huge success of iPhone 5S gold, now luxury version of Xbox One is out too. The gold iPhone 5S was revealed at the World’s Luxury Goods expo held in United Arab Emirates, and Apple fans all over the world went crazy for it. Now it is Xbox One’s turn to make the fans go crazy! And what better time than Christmas could have been to reveal such an amazing surprise?

The Xbox One was launched in November and was being sold for $499 (£429) but the price tag attached to the 24 karat gold plated Xbox One is 20 times the price of an ordinary Xbox One console. Harrods believes that market for this level of extravagance still exists which is why the special gold plated edition has been priced at $9,773.99 (£6000). People who can afford such luxury products from Harrods, this limited edition of Xbox is one of the must-have things for them. It is not every day that we get a chance to buy the world’s best gaming console which is fully gold plated!

Harrods has not yet released any official detail regarding this special edition of Xbox One. The number of such gold plated Xbox Ones is still unknown and secondly, it has also not been informed that whether the in-box accessories like Xbox One controller and Kinect are also gold plated or is it only the console which has been given such special treatment.


Although the chances of gold plated Xbox One being bought merely as a Christmas present for a teenager are very few. Such luxury products are usually bought by those who love collecting such special and limited edition items because these luxury products reflect their wealthy status in their social circle. Purchasing such overly prices items is not what everybody can afford to do, so the gold plated Xbox One is mainly reserved for individuals who love collecting luxury items.

Xbox One Unleashed New Era of Games and Entertainment

The launched of the Xbox One from Microsoft unleashed a new era of games and entertainment as the gaming console brings the best games, live TV, Skype, sports, fitness, music and more to one system at the center of the living room, all available at the command of your voice. Sales of the Xbox One set a new record for Microsoft, with more than one million consoles sold through worldwide in less than 24 hours.

Gamers couldn’t wait to play Xbox One and play new games like “Forza Motorsport 5,” “Dead Risng 3,” and “Killer Instinct.” What’s more, in the last 24 hours after its release the Xbox One team reports:

Over 3.6 million miles driven in “Forza Motorsport 5”, over 7.1 million combos in “Killer Instinct”, over 8.5 million enemies defeated in “Ryse: Son of Rome” and over 60 million zombies have been killed in “Dead Rising 3”. And, fans also found time for some exercise, with over 43.3 million Fit Points earned in Xbox Fitness.

Meanwhile, Microsoft today has released the Xbox One guide sheet for its users. The Xbox One command shortcut teaches users on how to use the gaming console with ease like the control for Identity, Gaming, Volume, Navigation and Multitasking, Communication, TV and Transport Controls.

View the Xbox One Command Shortcut Guide Sheet

In addition, there are 22 game titles for Xbox One that’s already available since its launch, including 10 exclusive titles. Xbox One is now sold out at most retailers, but Xbox One Corporate Vice President of Marketing and Strategy Yusuf Mehdi says, “We are working to replenish stock as fast as possible to meet the unprecedented demand from our customers.”

1 Million Xbox One sold in the first 24 hours

The Xbox One was released last week in the United States to much fanfare. The Microsoft gaming console, whose name was unveiled in May of this year, sold over one million consoles in the first 24 hours of availability, even though it comes with a much higher price tag at right under $500.


The Xbox One sells itself on being more than a gaming console. It’s been in competition with Sony’s Playstation, which also released in November of this year, since it’s infancy, but this time the Xbox One is breaking away from the standard gaming console premise. It’s selling and marketing itself as a complete entertainment system for the entire family, not just the household gamers.

Aside from being a blue-ray player, something the Xbox 360 was not, the Xbox One is the place to host all of your other online entertainment systems. You can now play movies through Netflix and your TV shows through Hulu with a Xbox Live Gold Membership.

The Xbox One comes standard with the Kinect camera, which was an additional cost with the Xbox 360 and with the most recent Playstation. With the camera, users can Skype and direct the Xbox One with hand motions. The entire system will respond to hand gestures and voice activation. You can navigate the Xbox One without controllers. The Kinect camera responds to voice commands that will do everything from change the TV channel to dial a Skype contact. It will also record videos. It can track up to six people in a room. The microphone will pick up voices up to 10 feet away. The video recording and message is in full high definition, too.


Something else that might appeal to the non-gamer crowd is Xbox One Fitness. This feature is free with the Xbox Live Gold Membership and is taken to a new level with the updated Kinect Camera. The Xbox One Kinect will track and display your heart rate without a monitor. The system can also tell when muscles are correctly engaged and track the quality of a workout. Xbox One Fitness partnered with some of the most popular trainers, including P90x, Insanity, Tracy Anderson, and Jillian Michael.

The updated Xbox One Kinect Camera was made standard on all models and not offered at additional cost to encourage developers to create games that included Kinect. We’ve yet to see if Microsoft’s gamble will pay off in the long run.

Xbox One Release date pegged for Friday Nov 22nd

Xbox One will be released at midnight of Friday November 22nd. A Day One update needs to be installed before first game is played. GameStop will be the first store to take your money.

Xbox One

Xbox One with Kinect

After 8 years of waiting for Xbox 360 upgrade, the Xbox One is finally here. Much anticipated release of new Xbox One entertainment centre will kick off at midnight with parties and special offers. It does come a week too late after Sony’s Playstation PS4 and for about hundred dollars more. Still, getting the Xbox One may not be so simple. The smart and lucky ones, who preordered the new console, should be receiving it shortly, but the ones who hope to pick it up in stores may be up for long lineups. Some, no doubt, will be turned back for insufficient stocks. Such is the game of supply and demand of gaming centre that only gets upgraded every decade. The lineup is likely to start tomorrow.

“While we do not share specific numbers of pre-orders, we will be able to fulfill all official pre-orders and will have units available at retail in our 13 launch markets on November 22. Based on early demand projections we are already anticipating that Xbox One will be sold out this holiday. We are encouraging consumers interested in Xbox One to preorder now or shop early as we anticipate selling every unit we deliver to retail this holiday.” – Microsoft Spokesperson


GameStop Store will accept payments for Xbox One at 6PM in Friday November 22nd.

GameStop is said to be first to take your $500 at 6PM on Friday. The Xbox One could then be picked up at midnight. Before you can play your first game however, Microsoft has a mandatory 500MB Xbox One Day One update which needs to be installed.

Check out the new Xbox One features!

Via Gottabemobile

Xbox One – Internet always-on and region locking are gone

Microsoft’s rediculous restrictions previously enforced to new Xbox One devices have now been lifted. Thanks Microsoft for listening!

Xbox DRM restrictions

Xbox DRM restrictions lifted

It was hard to ignore the uproar of unhappy and dissatisfied customers that have purchased the new Xbox One. The biggest beef seem to have been with the always-internet required for daily check and the region locking. Both of these are now out the windows and gone. Users can again trade their games freely as they’re used to.

It is questionable, whether the move to lift restrictions on Xbox One was caused by all the tweets and posts, or by Sony’s declaration that their PlayStation PS4 does not and never will require always-on internet. And it doesn’t really matter. DRM restrictions are gone. Things are back to what we’re used to and that is good. Share your games with your buddies, be a chap!

Lifting of DRM restrictions doesn’t come without cost however. Users can no longer save own discs on the cloud.

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Source: Techcrunch

Xbox One – the ultimate All-in-One entertainment solution

The sharp-angled, but not so sharp-looking, the new generation Xbox was unveiled yesterday. What are the specs and features?

Microsoft Xbox One

Microsoft Xbox One

Many speculations and expectations were put to rest when Microsoft unveiled the New Generation Xbox console called Xbox One. Some specifications aren’t very clear and we’re hoping to find out more on upcoming E3 conference in mid June in Los Angeles.

Microsoft wants you to have a relationship with your TV. The new Xbox One is not just another upgraded gaming console. It is an All-in-One entertainment solution linking gaming, TV and entertainment.

TV is going to play a big role in Xbox One. Microsoft has Comcast as its partner in digital TV programme. Xbox One will spot your gestures when say minimizing the screen, swiping on to the next channel and so on. It will listen to your voice commands, like when you want to start Skyping, or buying stuff.

Xbox One ports

Xbox One ports


The hardware on includes an 8-core AMD processor and graphics with 8GB of RAM. The unnamed GPU is to be eight times faster than that of predecessor’s and muster 768 operations per cycle. There will be 500GB of standard hard drive, Blu-ray, HDMI ports and a USB 3.0 port. Most specifications of Xbox One are identical to Sony Playstation S4 ones showing that this year the gaming consoles will be about these two leaving the Nintendo Wii U in the dust.

There are at least two operating systems on Xbox One. There is Xbox OS and Windows OS with custom UI.


Xbox One Kinect

Xbox One Kinect (click)

The new Xbox One Kinect has been revamped, redesigned and improved. It listens, sees and responds to the user. The speed at which Kinect receives an information and responds to it has increased. It now takes 13-billionths of a second to get the info needed for processing. The throughput is 2GB of data per second. The new Kinect can track up to 6 figures (up from 2).

The 1080p camera handles 60 fps with a 60 percent wider angle than in Xbox 360. The time-of-flight technology enables quick responsiveness even in the low light conditions. Kinect recognizes not just your hands, but also your controller, which is much like PS4’s wand.


Xbox One controller

Xbox One controller

Much improved redesigned controller on Xbox One features programmable trigger buttons, so that you can choose whether you want to shoot or race. Buttons “start” and “back” are swapped with new menu button and an app-switching button. The battery is now well hidden in the new design, thus no longer getting in the way. D-pad has been improved and responsiveness as well.


Xbox smartglass app

Wi-Fi Direct will allow direct communication with other devices, like a tablet, or smartphone. SmartGlass is to be a major improvements on new Xbox One as it will enable other windows phone, iOS, or android devices to communicate with Xbox. SmartGlass will also allow users to use their gestures to navigate live TV and interact with sporting events via portable computers of various form factors. One example offered was picking up interrupted movie you watched on tablet on TV using the Xbox One. SmartGlass on Xbox One is to offer full second-screen support. SmartGlass will enable true multiplayer action and shared experience using various devices. SmartGlass is also well integrated with Skype, promising exclusive and unsurpassed NFL experience. SmartGlass app has seen over 10 million downloads and Microsoft is hoping for much more with Xbox one present.

Xbox Live

Xbox Live is going to the cloud. Microsoft is promising over 300,000 servers to enable Matchmaking services while you’re multitasking. Cloud based games, games saves and recordings are discussed. Xbox One games however aren’t going to be backward compatible with Xbox 360.


Skype is now integrated in new Xbox One. Gamers can talk about their successes via Skype. Rumors of Xbox Live Gold subscribers’ discount have not been confirmed, nor has the price of the Xbox One console.

Xbox Music Room

Microsoft is working on exclusive and interactive TV content for Xbox and Kinect. One of the things to look forward to is user-driven TV shows. You and I will decide which way the story goes, or how to end the viewing of a live concert. The official Xbox Music Room, the Xbox TV streaming is kicking off next Wednesday May 29th at 8:30PM.

Spielberg has been said to work on new Halo TV series for Xbox One. The famed director will work in conjunction with Halo developer 343 Industries on new live action TV series called “Halo: The Television Series”.

source: cnet

Xbox Music Room

Microsoft has been moving behind the TV studio curtains for a while, and together with Soho Productions is creating TV content for Xbox and Kinect. Word is, the content will be movies, TV shows, and other video interactive material specially designed for Xbox technology. The TV streaming is to kick off next Wednesday May 29th at 8:30PM.

Xbox Music Room

With launch of new Xbox console, comes The Music Room. Live and exclusive Xbox viewing of music shows, TV shows, interactive media, live shows and interviews with music legends.

Part of the TV content will be new dual-ending user-driven TV shows for Xbox Live subscribers. User’s will decide by vote, which way the story is going to take. There will be two endings recorded and upon a vote the chosen ending will air. Engadget calls it “choose-your-own-adventure”. As an example, Laura Jackson, the host of new Music Room, shows choice of ending a concert by going to the backstage, playing dance, or sneaking into sound check. Users choose it and Laura will play it.

source: tnw

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