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M-Audio M40


The M-Audio M40 is a top quality studio headphone that is used by many recording artists in the music industry. The name M40 refers to the 40mm drivers that are in each ear cup. This size gives the user a quality listening experience for only $59.99. The M40 will give you the real sound without reinventing or reinterpreting it. So if you listen to a music mix that doesn’t have bass in it, the M40 isn’t going to invent it for you. This realistic music experience helps both engineers and musicians perform better in their respective industries.

What is truly unique about M40 headphones is that their ear cups don’t cover the ear, but rather go onto the ear. The thick pads of the ear cups will make the experience of wearing them more comfortable for the user. The pads also isolate all of the ambient room noise to provide a better quality hearing experience. As for the actual look of the headphones, the exterior of the ear cups resemble a black vinyl record. Even though the looks of an ear cup are probably not as important as their performance, you still have to keep your fashion sense when running a studio. The material of the headphones consists of rubber, leather and flat cables. There is also a detachable cable that you can use to connect to each ear. For any beginning musician or someone on a budget, the M40 headphones are definitely a good choice.

The M40 headphones perform great, but there are always better choices out there. The Sennheiser HD6 Mix is a recent favorite that sounds more dynamic than the M40, especially with the high-mid sounds. But the Sennheiser HD6 is priced at $179.95 on Amazon, which is probably more than the average person wants to spend on headphones. If you are just somebody at home who likes to listen to their music or watch YouTube videos with headphones, then the M40 should be more than sufficient. However if you are running a music studio and want the very best then you might not want to go with the M40. The high-mid sounds of the brass and strings will not overpower the mix. On the other hand, the M40 was made to accurately present the mix and not to enhance it. If this is acceptable for you then M40 should be your choice. Otherwise, try out the Sennheiser HD6 instead.



A Source Just Told Us Why Apple May Be Making a Stylus – and Why it Could Be Huge (AAPL)


Apple seems to always be the first one to change the shape of mobile devices and how they are used. Rumors now suggest they are going to come out with their own stylus. This is surprising to a lot of people because even Steve Jobs hated the idea of incorporating them with Apple products. But as more businesspeople and working professionals depend on Apple devices for their work, the demand for a stylus to touch the screen with is increasing in large numbers. For example, if somebody working in the food industry has to use their iPad for their work, it doesn’t help if they are using their dirty gloves to touch the screen. A stylus would allow their dirty hands to stay off the screen. Another example is with graphic artists who want to create their own digital artwork on their iPad or even their iPhone. They can’t draw pictures with their fingers because the tip of their finger is too big. But the stylus can become a digital drawing tool for them, so they can be more precise in their work through hand drawing.

Now the big question is will layman people want to have a stylus? It is nice to create them for specific types of working people that can benefit from them, but if the majority of the public won’t purchase them then it could be a problem for Apple. However a survey indicates that a great number of people want a stylus because they don’t like texting with their fingers. This likely has to do with “fat finger” errors, which is when people with fat fingers end up pressing the digital keys around the one key they are trying to press. This causes errors in their text messages, which causes frustration and irritation to the user and the person trying to read the messages. A stylus will solve this problem by just allowing people to press the keys with the narrow tip of the object.

The bottom line is that the stylus will just be an optional accessory. Apple is not going to require people to use the stylus and they certainly won’t force you to purchase a new iPhone in order to use it. You can simply download the updates to your existing iPhone or iPad to support the stylus and its internal communication block. The only information that remains to be seen is the price of the stylus. If the price is reasonable enough then it will definitely attract existing Apple customers. But if it is a few hundred bucks then they will likely pass on it.


Everything We Know About the iPhone 7 So Far!!


It seems like only yesterday that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus came out. When Apple announced its update to these phones, consumers realized it wasn’t just going to be another version of the iPhone 6. The next update will actually be the iPhone 7 upgrade to the iPhone 6. The only things we know about its features are from the rumors we see in blogs and from what we observe through leaked pictures of the device. The newest feature observed was the enhanced camera. But as far as the design of the phone and what it looks like, that will apparently stay the same. In September of 2015, consumers will know everything about the iPhone 7 because this is the date when Apple releases it. Until then, consumers have to just gather up the facts of what they know so far and judge for themselves if they want to upgrade their phone or not.

The Apple iPhone 7 will likely come in two sizes; one with a 4.7 inch screen and another with a 5.5 inch screen. However, a Taiwanese publication named “Digitimes” reported that Apple may be releasing three iPhone 7 versions. The third version will have a 4 inch screen, but critics still debate as to the authenticity of this rumor. Besides, who would want an iPhone that is small unless it was considerably cheaper? Therefore it will likely just be the choice of a 4.7 inch and a 5.5 inch. Both versions have their perks, but the main reasons for purchasing the iPhone 7 will have to do with the internal components. We just don’t know too much about those right now.

There are some critics who believe Apple is just trying to release a new iPhone model in order to boost their profits. A new enhanced camera may be a neat feature, but is it good enough to make consumers want to replace their old iPhone 6? With an economy still in rough shape, it will be hard for many people to shell out another $600 for a phone they know very little about. It also doesn’t help that the iPhone 6s will be released within the same year as the iPhone 7. Of course these are only rumors, but if they are true then it might be too much for consumers to decide. The people who purchase the iPhone 6s are likely not going to purchase the iPhone if they are released within the same year, or vice versa. Apple might need to rethink this idea because with all the other competition in the marketplace, it might not work.

Dead phone battery? Welcome to the tiny charger that ends a big problem


One of the most annoying things about Smartphones is charging the battery. People who lead busy lives often leave their phones on throughout the day without being charged. But, what happens when the battery goes dead and they need to use the phone? If they happen to carry their charger around, then they’ll still have to wait for the battery to charge after they plug it in. Many Smartphones take up to a few hours to fully charge its dead battery. But this is all about to change. An Israeli startup tech company has just come out with a battery for the Smartphone that can be charged within 30 to 60 seconds. The only downside is the StoreDot battery will not power the phone for as long as traditional phone batteries. However, the argument is that people would rather have short charging times and battery life rather than longer charging times and battery life.

Battery charge length has been the focus of tech companies for awhile now. Consumers always seem to have complaints about batteries dying and having to wait a long time for them to charge. Since Smartphones are such an important part of people’s lives now days, some cannot afford to be without a working Smartphone. That is why a battery that charges within one minute could be a life saver to people, particularly business people. As for the charging, it can be done wirelessly through a docking station. The vision is that more internet cafes and coffee shops will provide public charging stations for people’s Smartphones. So if people have StoreDot batteries in their phones, this means they can charge their phone at a public table within 60 seconds and be on their way. That means you wouldn’t have to worry about taking your charger with you. But, this isn’t going to happen anytime soon though.

Store Dot has already received funding from numerous big companies, like Samsung, to see this project through to its full potential. StoreDot even claims that their fast charging batteries can be made for electric vehicles as well. In fact, StoreDot claims they can use their technology to power up an electric car in only five minutes. With a five minute charge, the car would be able to drive 150 miles before its next charge. But first, StoreDot is still trying to revolutionize the Smartphone market with their battery technology. Since one billion Smartphones are sold every year, StoreDot could easily become popular with Smartphone manufacturers if their charging technology takes off.

The fingerprint sensor on Samsung Galaxy S6

galaxyThe latest feature on Smartphones that people are talking about is the fingerprint sensor, which can famously be found on the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 6. This fingerprint sensor was first introduced on the iPhone 5s models from Apple, which put them at an incredible technological advantage over other competing Smartphones in the marketplace. But even when other Smartphone brands started implementing this technology into their own Smartphone models, their fingerprint sensors were not nearly as accurate as Apple’s “Touch ID” fingerprint sensor. Therefore, Apple iPhones remained the dominating Smartphone for this kind of technology.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 may finally bring Apple some competition where the fingerprint sensors are concerned. They have finally created a sensor that matches the accuracy and quality of the Touch ID. With the S6, all you have to do now is put your finger on the sensor embedded into the “Home” button. This will unlock the phone without requiring you to enter in your pass code. You can also save up to four different fingerprints onto this device. That means you can authorize four different people to access your phone, such as family members or even friends. This sensory technology will also be an important part in Samsung’s mobile payment platform known as “Samsung Pay.” Samsung Pay will be similar to the Apple Pay platform where you have to confirm the mobile payments you make by using your fingerprint.

People who have tested the fingerprint sensor of the Galaxy S6 state that it works perfectly and is without flaws. Even when they tried to trick the sensor into gaining them access, it did not work. This accuracy is equal to the Touch ID and will give fans of the sensor a new outlook on Samsung’s Android phones in the future. Previously, Samsung had tried to put this technology into their Galaxy S5, which required users to swipe their finger a certain way over the home button for it to unlock. If the user was just a little off in their swiping ability, the phone would not unlock. This frustrated many Samsung users and forced many of them to just turn off the fingerprint sensor option all together. But it looks like that won’t be the case when more people purchase the Galaxy S6.

Samsung admitted they didn’t solely create this sensory technology for their phone, but rather licensed the sensor from a supplier who remains anonymous. On the other hand, Apple creates their own fingerprint sensors. But this doesn’t really matter to consumers. All they care about is what works great for them, so they will certainly appreciate the great improvements of this technology in the Galaxy S6.

LEAKED: Here’s What HTC’s New Android Phone Will Probably Look Like

HTC Android

The new HTC Android Phone is expected to be unveiled around the beginning of March. However there are already leaked photos of this newest HTC phone, which are courtesy of This is a popular tech blog website in France that has a huge reputation for releasing images of Smartphones before they are officially introduced. just released their latest photos of the newest HTC One and it surprisingly looks the same on the front as the HTC One M8, which is the current model. From the metal design and silver color of the body to the dual speakers, everything about the new model looks like the M8.

There are some differences between the two HTC One phones that are noticeable in the photos. For one thing, the camera on the back of the new phone looks a lot larger than the camera on the back of the M8. This bigger camera is a 20 MP camera, which contains more megapixels than any of the other high end phones that only have up to 16 MP. The only exception to this is the Nokia Lumia and Sony Xperia because they have always been known for their camera technology in Smartphones. Aside from the camera improvements, the new HTC One may contain sharper image quality on its 5.2 inch screen. The resolution is said to be 2560 x 1440. Of course, it is hard to tell this from the few leaked images that have been released. Smartphone fans are hoping to learn more about the phone when HTC officially announces it in early March. Until then, people just have to continue speculating on what it could possibly be.

Do you think people will really want to purchase the newest HTC One? There are so many Smartphones on the market and consumer interest still seems directed towards Apple iPhones. It is unlikely that a higher resolution camera is going to entice people into purchasing the phone. However, if history has proven anything it is that tech enthusiasts love to get their hands on the latest gadgets because they want the joy of being able to say they were the first ones to try it out. If that is you then you should pay attention in March and see what HTC has to say about their HTC One. It may have additional features that have not been mentioned yet. Only time will tell.


Microsoft May Be Working On a Strange New Gadget That’s a Mix Between A Smartphone And A Laptop (MSFT)

Microsoft Hybrid

There are all kinds of mobile devices in the marketplace. We have already seen hybrids come out that merge tablets with laptops. But, have you ever seen Smartphones mixed with laptops? Microsoft is possibly working on a new hybrid that will mix the features of a Smartphone with the features of a laptop. Right now, Microsoft isn’t saying much about their newest hardware innovation. Instead they continue to talk about their next version of Windows, which is Windows 10. What people are wondering though is which hardware systems are Windows 10 going to be introduced on. From the rumors, it is expected that Windows 10 will be introduced on this newest hybrid device that may currently be in the works by Microsoft.

The description of the new hybrid basically states that you will be able to plug in your Smartphone into a shell attached to the screen of the laptop. It sounds similar to the Asus Transformer Book V, which contains a docking area for your Smartphone on the back of the lid. This allows users to run Windows and Android operating systems at the same time. No one knows if Microsoft’s device will be just like this or if they have their own branded device. Perhaps, they will be working with multiple partners in order to build it. But no matter who they are working with, it is bound to have Windows 10 on it. When Microsoft introduced their Windows 10 back in September, they stressed that it would have a similar interface on all kinds of screens. This means that desktops, laptops and tablets will all be able to have the same style interface, which means that a new hybrid can have one operating system.

Microsoft’s entire plan revolves around linking traditional desktops and laptops with Smartphone devices. Since most people use both kinds of technology, it only makes sense that they should connect to each other. This will make exchanging data between various computers much faster and more convenient. As for the fans of Microsoft, they still exist and are always curious about what their next project will be. However, many Microsoft fans were disappointed with Windows 8 and it made them more distant from their technology. Microsoft will really need to impress people with new hardware and software if they are going to win back people’s trust again. If they don’t then it will only help their biggest competitor, Apple, become more successful in the long run.

Privacy LCD Screen Protector Film Guard Cover for AT&T Apple iPhone 4 4G by Electromaster

Privacy LCD Screen Protector Film Guard Cover for AT&T Apple iPhone 4 4G by Electromaster

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Privacy LCD Screen Protector Film Guard Cover for AT&T Apple iPhone 4 4G by Electromaster

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  • Protect your identity and valueable data from prying eyes.
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  • Goes on with ease and easily removeable without leaving a sticky residue.
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