1 million blackberry z10 devices

An unnamed client makes a single biggest purchase order of 1 million BlackBerry handsets.

BlackBerry 10 OS along with new Z10 device have been launched at the end of January. First BlackBerry Z10 smartphones were sold in UK and now AT&T is picking them up on March 22nd. German government announced it will pick up the handsets, and now some mysterious “partner” signs a check for this massive order of 1,000,000 units. What’s up with that? Army? Massive donation to Africa? Whatever this huge order is for, It is no doubt great news for the Hamilton’s phone maker.

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Can’t wait to see the BlackBerry’s first quarter earnings reported at the end of the month.

On a related news, BlackBerry announced integration of WhatsApp messaging app that works across all platforms. The notification of new message comes even when your phone is locked.