Asus Eee Book X206HA, a new 11.6-inch Atom-powered X5

Asus EeeBook X206HA review

The Asus Eee Book X206HA is CloudBook and if Windows 10 is on board, it is not really there for anything other than to launch a browser and do surf online. The Asus Eee Book X206HA is not so lacking in skills, Intel Atom Z8300-X5 Cherry Trail is a quad core and four threads clocked 1.44 to 1.84 GHz. The chip displays TDP 2 watts that should be dispelled here completely passively. RAM is very limited, 2GB of non upgradeable priori memory and storage is not better with 32GB of eMMC soldered to the motherboard.

This is not the most efficient solution therefore is and limitations will be quickly reached for a person looking for a Windows PC in the idea of working with conventional uses. It is possible to  do impressive things with this trio of components. But it can resemble an obstacle course. With such equipment, I was able to start a session of Photoshop CC carefree as it was small web images. Imagine this thing work a very high resolution file for editing a little bit serious fall masochism.

Ditto for office usage that result in a pretty good flexibility in the simple handling of documents, themselves quite heavy. But to imagine actions as a spreadsheet with multiple macros or orders crossword dynamic arrays impacting text files. There is not that the processor does not attempt timidly without much hesitation jolting.

Asus EeeBook X206HA reviews

Gadget Mix learnt offers a simple but complete connectivity: a microHDMI, two USB ports including one USB 3.0, a microSDXC card reader, a microphone input and a headphone output. No Ethernet output? Nope. It’s completely idiotic for Cloudbook 17.5 mm thick? Eh yes.

We must therefore be content with a Wi-Fi fortunately 802.11ac type and a Bluetooth 4.1 to connect to the web. Unless condemn single USB 3.0 port to add a Gigabit Ethernet adapter. The Asus EeeBook X206HA is on sale for € 214.90

Now new or used equipment, I think it depends on the intended use for this material. As to me not needing a disproportionate power, I think only nine while remaining within a perspective of reasonable price. I think that has a maximum of 500 / 600 euros, there is something new for all tastes, for material as a tablet or a netbook between 200 and 400 the choice is not bad either.

I have a Dell Inspiron with AMD Athlon X2 450 with 4GB of RAM, the RAM for this is between 80 and 100 euro to move to 8 GB. The problem with this Dell is the graphics card, I wish the switch from Windows 7 Windows 10 except that I want to change the graphics card. I think a Nvidia 750 Ti which is PCI Express standard 3, according to some it must pass on my Dell means that the power of the card will be divided by 2.

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