AMD Q2 2017 Profit: AMD Profits Jump by 15 Percent Thanks to Ryzen Success

AMD Q2 2017 Profit

AMD has just released its financial results for the second quarter of 2017. In the report, you can see an increase of income of 19% compared to the same period last year. This does nothing more than underpin the excellent response that the Ryzen are having in the market. And predicts boom times for the red chip giant. I think that since the launch of Ryzen, we’ve all wanted to keep a close eye on AMD’s profit. After its launch, the market has moved a lot. We have seen Intel fully in “harm reduction” mode by drawing designs right and left.

On a GAAP basis, AMD revenue has grown 19% from a year ago. But perhaps most important thing is that operating income was $ 25 million, compared with losses of 8 million a year ago and operating losses of 29 million during the previous quarter. There are still many more things to take out of the AMD account report.

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The main feat of AMD this fourth has been to increase its revenue in the computer segment compared to the same period last year. Thus, this fourth income has been $ 659 million. That is the fact that we can see how incredibly good they are selling, both Ryzen processors and Polaris graphics. But since a year ago, the Polaris were already on the market, I can only believe that much of this increase in revenues is due largely to sales of Ryzen processors.

AMD Q2 2017 Profit gaap

Let’s think about it now with a bit of coldness and understand Intel’s position and actions. For that company, Ryzen has meant a jar of ice water on his head. She has spent in three months being the undisputed leader of performance, to be a half-hearted leader. All sales that have gone to the hands of AMD were, to a large extent, users who had an old AMD processor.

Intel has done some stupid things in past. For instance, Intel discontinued Pentium G4560 for being too good.

Or they had an old Intel processor. These are sales that AMD has been able to capitalize thanks to create a processor that is able to beat copper with the best of Intel. And leaving well stopped in most circumstances. A processor with enough vision of future. Something that, precisely, has been lacking to Intel in these years of dominating the market.

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