ADATA XPG is a DDR4 RAM with LED lights

If you are one of those users who like to be trendy and have a team with a striking aesthetic are in luck, because ADATA Technology has announced the launch of the first memory modules RAM DDR4 its catalog featuring lighting LED , the ADATA XPG Dazzle.

adata ddr4 ram led light

ADATA has been associated with AVEXIR to create the lighting system these new RAM modules, and they are specialists and in fact pioneered incorporate lighting sinks memory modules. In the case of ADATA XPG Dazzle will be available in different capacities and combinations in kit form, but at the moment in all cases present with sink and lighting only red color.

By the time the manufacturer has not spoken operating speed in this new family of memories DDR4, so we have to assume that function to the base of 2133 Mhz speed in all cases, especially when other speakers in the press release they have sent us operating at 1.2 V and not to 1.35V, although they say they are compatible with the Intel XMP 2.0 profile. In any case, we can see them in kits 16GB (8GB x 2), 32GB (16GB x 2) and 64GB (16GB x 4), giving users the ability to choose the capacity that best suits your needs.

adata ddr4 ram led light specs

Although the DDR4 RAM operates at low voltage and is heated less than DDR3, the ADATA XPG Dazzle incorporate a large heatsinks anodized aluminum painted red metallic color. The lighting is not created by LED bulbs, but through fiberglass tubes that light up along its entire length thanks to LED bulbs focused from both ends. Some larger heatsinks ensures improved operating temperature and hence greater flexibility.

At the moment ADATA has just unveiled these new memory modules and as you see there are not many details about it, as their operating speeds, date to market and price, so playing wait to not lose the habit.

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