ACGAM G402 review, cheap gaming mouse with RGB lighting


The ACGAM presentation letter goes through a catalog of gaming products that are characterized by an unbeatable price. The gaming mouse ACGAM G402 is a mouse that can be found in stores for € 15, but it is still a mouse with RGB lighting, with a chosen quality of materials and a very ergonomic design.

Sometimes, when we talk about a cheap component or peripheral, we run the risk of supposing that it is of low quality and sometimes it is like that, but other times, as it is the case, no. In the case of the ACGAM G402 mouse, this is a gaming mouse with a careful design to spend several hours in front of the computer thanks to its ergonomics and all the ingredients of gaming peripherals. RGB lighting is just one more characteristic that unites the quality of materials, the personalization of your software and more reasons that you will find in our analysis to acquire this mouse.

In addition, the software that ACGAM has sought for its peripherals is very complete and adaptable to any type of player and any type of preference when using a mouse that is a peripheral, as we all know, very personal.

ACGAM G402 review

We start with a new manufacturer that takes a very bold step forward at a time when the number of peripheral manufacturers is very high and in which the leaders of this market are very entrenched. The only weapon of ACGAM is the price but linked to a good product. On the other hand, globalization at all levels allows us to access markets and brands that we did not know before and that are making their way into the increasingly lucrative hardware business.

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