Trading halted on Bisq cryptocurrency exchange

Bisq is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange which is currently investing immense security vulnerability. Bisq developers have already disabled trading.

Bisq cryptocurrency exchange

Bisq developers have already asked the community to not send any funds to their cryptocurrency exchange. However, since Bisq is a proper decentralized exchange, it is possible to easily override alert key functionality that is activated by Bisq developers.

If your trades involve following multisig transactions, your funds will be at risk.


Bisq users are requested to wait for v1.3 and until this very version, existing trades won’t be executed. Funds of users are safe.

You will get following error if you try to execute your trades on v.1.2.9.

Payment method used in that offer was blocked by the bisq developers.

Trades will resume after the hotfix is released, hopefully within a few hours. Again, If you have any active trades right now, please do not send ANY funds.

An unfortunate side-effect is that existing trades are also prevented from being completed until the hotfix is released. Bisq is a proper distributed peer-to-peer network. So you can override the latest alert key functionality that blocks trading. But Bisq highly discourage you from doing this for your own security.