Linux Netbook users – Opera 10.5 to be faster than Google Chrome browser

Alpha version of Opera 10.5 browser was earlier released before Christmas for both Windows and Mac, which caused a bit of upset in the Linux community. But, now we have come to know that it was delayed for a good reason.


The upcoming Opera 10.5 will sport a new browsing engine. Codenamed “Carakan”, this new engine will speed up the browsing 7 times than the current already-so-fast Javascript engine. This will make the Opera 10.5 even more faster than the Chrome and of course, the slow Firefox

Another improvement over the previous versions is that the cache is more streamlined allowing faster start up and shutdown times. It will support the newer HTML5 properties.

Bottom Line: Once again, Opera will become the faster browser on Earth.

See the benchmarks taken by


Here is the screenshot of the Opera 10.5. Notice that it uses the screen real estate much more efficiently.

It is interesting to see a small company like Opera giving Chrome a run for its money.

[via omgubuntu]