Download Chrome OS Flex for legacy Windows and Mac computers

Neverware, which provided a Chromium-based OS “Cloud Ready” that runs on various PCs has made Chrome OS Flex available for download for both Mac and Windows computers. The Chrome OS Flex is said to be a product that integrates the strengths of Cloud Ready into Chrome OS, and is a substantial successor product of Chromium OS.

chrome os flex

Chrome OS Flex is ideal to be used in old PCs and Mac computers, making it an ideal replacement of Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Leeenux in case you are still using one of those old netbooks and mini laptops. So, we see Flex as a threat to Linux distros like Ubuntu rather than Windows and Mac operating systems.

Developed for businesses and schools, like Chrome OS, it has powerful cloud-based management functions, security that can respond to the latest threats, OS installation via USB / network, and ease of deployment by cloud profile. It is a feature.

The codebase, release cycle, UI, etc. are the same as Chrome OS, providing a consistent experience for both end users and IT administrators, and it is easy to migrate to Chrome OS devices. However unlike full fledge Chrome OS, the Chrome OS Flex cannot run applications from Play Store.

The development version can be used if you have a USB memory and a compatible PC / Mac. It is also possible to boot directly from a USB memory without installing it. The stable version is scheduled for release in the coming months, and Cloud Ready users can upgrade to Chrome OS Flex for free.