Why buying a iPad keyboard case is a bad idea

If you are going to buy yourself an iPad Pro 9.7 or iPad Air for typing, we suggest going for cheap netbook would be a better idea. The reason is that while the iPad Pro or iPad Air are excellent tablets for leisure, they are not great machines for typing. In fact, I strongly believe that buying an iPad keyboard case is a bad idea.

iPad keyboard case

I generally shy away from any iPad Air keyboard case or iPad pro one as they lock you into one model of iPad. Another reason why not to get a keyboard case is that you cannot used it to prop your iPad in a thirty degree angle or less which prevent me from scribbling onto the screen. So, if you bought an Apple Pencil as well, you are in hot soup as it will greatly limit you from drawing anything on the screen.

Logitech keys to go keyboard for iPad

That said, I myself purchased Logitech keys to go keyboard from amazon and I think it is great. It is quite cheap, thin and light and typing experience is not bad at all. It is almost at par with the best netbooks of 2017 which also have great typing experience and all of them run windows operating system.

Ask yourself, how do you see yourself typing? If you like typing in a cramped space or if you do not plan to type a lot – something like few emails, documents or web surfing, then these iPad keyboards will work just fine but if you are looking more spacious environment, then getting a cheap netbook makes more sense.

Also keep the limitations on viewing angels of these iPad keyboards in mind as they do not offer a lot of flexibility. I personally do not like the look of the logitech smart connector keyboard or the one from Zagg which looks like a weak laptop-keyboard implementation.

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