Thermaltake Smart BX1: new power supplies up to 750W with RGB lighting

Thermaltake Smart BX1 review

The renowned manufacturer Thermaltake has announced the upcoming launch of a new family of power supplies, the Smart BX1 RGB (and the Smart BX1 without RGB), with powers ranging from 550 to 750 watts and 80 Plus Bronze efficiency certification. With these powers and efficiency, you will suppose that they are mid-range power supplies, and logically they are designed for users looking for good quality sources and gaming aesthetics without having to spend too much money.

This situation is not unknown: that of an important and recognized manufacturer that launches a product with a quality that is not the one we are used to. And this is because they seek to cover, as is logical, the widest possible range of potential needs of users, and that is that not only lives of the high-end, right? Thus, we find this new family of Smart BX1 RGB power supplies that, as the name suggests, have the variant with RGB lighting, which will go into details shortly, with very low power-550 to 750 watts – and with the minimum certification that allows them to sell in Europe: 80 Plus Bronze. In return, we are facing a family of cheap sources but with a good quality and, of course, all the desirable protections.

A peculiarity of this power supply is that, although it is called “Smart”, it is not really digital, and its lighting and features are not controlled by software. Instead, Thermaltake has installed a physical button on the back – which remains outside the box once installed – that will allow us to control the 10 RGB LEDs that are installed in the fan of the source. The lighting options we have include 7 colors (red, green, blue, yellow, purple, light blue and white) and three lighting modes (pulse, full illumination and RGB cycle). It also includes the possibility to completely turn off the lighting, and Thermaltake indicates that the sources have a small memory to “remember” the color that we have configured even if we turn off the computer.

Or, at least, that’s what the manufacturer presumes. They have installed Japanese condensers of 105ÂșC of the best quality, a unique and powerful rail of + 12V able to give service to any graphical card of the current market (including the new GeForce RTX of NVIDIA ), and incorporate components of the best quality to assure the Less noise possible. According to Thermaltake, on the + 12V rail we will have a maximum noise of 80 mV, 40 mV for the + 5V rail and + 3.3V throughout the power range (the Intel specification is that the sources have a maximum of 120 mV of noise on the + 12V rail and 50 mV on the +5 and + 3.3V).

Apart from this, the Thermaltake Smart BX1 RGB incorporates a fan with 120 mm hydraulic bearings ultra silent and with intelligent speed control through PWM, enough connectors for any type of system and with meshed cables to facilitate its installation in any type of PC box.

At the moment the manufacturer has said that these power supplies will be available in early December, but have not specified what price they will have.

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