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HTC is an award winning tech company that is best known for its HTC One smartphone series. Back in October of last year, the company announced it was developing the next phone in the HTC One series called the “HTC One A9.” This phone is said to have a very innovative design which integrates the latest version of the Google Android operating system into the mix. So you have a beautiful design on the outside and the newest features of the Android 6.0 on the inside, also known as Marshmallow.

HTC is a pioneer in the smartphone community. It is the company known for creating the very first smartphone to have the Android operating system on it. It is also the first company to have created a Windows smartphone and a 4G smartphone as well. Now, they are the first company to create a Smartphone that is all metal. HTC works hard to stay ahead of the competition by trying to be the most innovative tech company out of the numerous others that are out there. The HTC One A9 gives consumers everything they want to have in a smartphone. It has an attractive exterior design, great performance, new helpful features and the ability to completely control the experience you have with your phone. With its all-metallic body, it will be a very durable phone as well. This means if you accidentally drop your phone then you are less likely to have any irreversible damage done to the interior of it.

The HTC One A9 has 1080p color quality, an energy efficient 5-inch screen and high definition visuals. With all of this, you will get 40% more color in your picture than what you would get from a traditional LCD screen. If you are interesting in having a high quality rear camera to take pictures with, the HTC One A9 has a 13 megapixel camera that includes Optical Image Stabilization. That way people with shaky hands won’t have as much shakiness in their video when it is recording. The Optical Image Stabilization works to correct the vibrations caused by the shakiness. As a result, you will have a clear picture with complete stabilization.

If you are interested in purchasing the new HTC One A9 then you can do so at the company’s website: HTC.com. The total price is $499.99. You can choose from four different colors for the phone’s all-metallic body. These colors include gray, silver, gold and red.

Android smart watches get in time with iPhone


Android smartwatches are starting to become known amongst consumers and tech enthusiasts. But some people are unsure about the differences between Android smartwatches and other brands of smartwatches, like the Apple Watch. Those who enjoy Apple over Google may not want to switch to Android Wear just to try out a different operating system. Well it seems that Google may have a way to solve this problem because they are releasing a new version of their Android Wear software that is designed for Apple’s “iOS” mobile operating system. Android Wear for iOS will be available for the LG Watch Urbane. In the future, there will be other Android Wear smartwatches that will support the Apple iOS. Some of these watches will be Asus, Huawei, and Motorola. Google plans to keep people informed on the latest developments in these future releases. 

This latest move seems to be Google’s way of competing with the highly awaited Apple Watch. When people put on one of these Android smartwatches, it will be able to communicate with their iPhone because of the iOS integration. Now people who are predominately iPhone users can now purchase another Android device and use them together. Before, consumers generally had to stick with one brand. If they bought an Android phone then every other device the purchase had to be Android as well. The same went for Apple users too. People with iPhones needed iPads, iPods and so on. When Android Wear was first released it was only able to work with a Google operating system. But with this new ability for Android Wear to communicate with an iOS, it opens up all kinds of possibilities for cross brand communication.

 Right now the fitness tracker Fitbit is the top selling smartwatch with Apple Watch coming in second place. It would be very hard for Android to make itself stand out amongst these top two competitors unless they did something unique with their smartwatches that no one else has done. This new move by Android will likely be the thing that keeps their watches selling and keeps them stable in the marketplace. For one thing, Android Wear is only $100 whereas the Apple Watch starts at $500. Most people are not going to pay $500 when they can pay $100, especially if it will communicate with their existing iPhone. The one bad thing Apple has going for it is its prices. They are always the most expensive computer brand on the market. Since smartwatches are not really that popular to begin with, it is unlikely that consumers will keep shelling out $500 for the newest Apple Watch. Therefore, Google has a strong chance of getting their Android Wear ahead of the game.

Samsung’s Gigantic Galaxy S6 Edge+ Phablet Reportedly Leaked In This Photo


There is a big debate in the tech community as to whether Smartphones should be big or not. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge+ is a supersized version of their previous model. The website “All About Samsung” has already released photographs of this new gigantic Smartphone with a 5.7 inch display. Smartphones this size have been called “phablets,” which is a term that describes a phone that is between the size of a typical Smartphone and the size of a tablet. Some consumers think of big Smartphones like this as tiny tablets. Since they are very similar, it can get kind of difficult to separate a phablet from a tablet or Smartphone.

The specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ are not very clear at the moment. We only know what we have seen in the pictures of the device, which obviously don’t make it clear what the specifications are. The rumors state that the phone won’t come with a removable battery, SD card or stylus. Critics predict the phone will have 3GB of RAM and the eight core computer processor called “Exynos 7420.” The Super AMOLED pixel display will be 2560×1440, which means superior quality over the previous version of the device. Now if all of these specification predictions come true, this phone will become a huge competitor to the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6S that is scheduled to get released soon.

Speculators tend to make a lot of predictions based off a few leaked photos. But logical thinking is probably the best way to predict the outcome of this phone’s release. The question you have to ask yourself is, “Do people really want a bigger phone?” Sure it may be better to look at a bigger screen, but the problem is when you have to carry that phone around with you. Many people like to put their Smartphones inside their pockets for easy access. But if the screen size is too big then it will make storing the phone in your pockets much more difficult. You mine as well get a tablet then because that has a huge screen and can perform the same functions as a Smartphone. However, people could always purchase a clip to attach the Edge+ to their belt or waistline. Overall, the affordability of the Smartphone will be the most important thing. If the phone ends up being cheaper than the newest iPhone 6 Plus, then perhaps it will win over consumers. Only time will tell.

Smartphone with an Abundance of Cloud Space Just Reached its Kickstarter Goal


There has been a smartphone development for a while now by the company Nextbit. Their goal was to create a cloud based smartphone, which has already gotten people’s attention. This startup tech company is being run by a former Google executive and a former HTC executive. They had put up a Kickstarter campaign to help raise money for the development and competition of Nextbit’s cloud based smartphone called “Robin.” People who pledged more than $299 would receive the phone and a charging cable. Within one day, the company raised their goal amount of $500,000. The public’s interest in this phone was a shock to CEO and co-founder Tom Moss. But what this proves is that new smartphone technology is a huge marketplace and will always attract people to it.

The great thing about this cloud based smartphone is that it will have up to 100GB of cloud storage and 32GB of internal storage. Most smartphones store data on its SD card or internal memory, which are both very limited. The typical SD card for a smartphone will hold up to 32GB of data. If you are someone who downloads lots of videos and pictures onto their smartphone, then 32GB would get used up pretty fast. But with the cloud based smartphone, most of the memory you store runs off a cloud server that connects to your phone through the internet. This includes memory used for storing apps and files as well. Imagine being able to play a game or use a piece of software that isn’t even running off your smartphone, but rather a cloud server somewhere else. This is truly the new age for smartphone technology and it is only getting better. The best part is that if you lose or damage your smartphone, all of the memory will stay stored on the cloud server and can be retrieved when you get a new smartphone. This alone has consumers going wild over the Nextbit Robin smartphone.

There are many other great things about the Nextbit Robin. It has a comfortable design with buttons that are symmetrically placed and the battery life lasts for a long time. The cost of the smartphone should be pretty affordable. If you were to make the pledge right now you can get it for $299. The price is likely to go up later on after it is officially released in retail stores. Since smartphones are usually priced based on the amount of memory they can store, the Nextbit Robin may prove itself to be big competition to the other brand named smartphones on the market.


Microsoft Surface 3 LTE Goes On Sale In The U.S.


When most people think of Microsoft they don’t often think about Smartphones or tablets. Instead people think of the Windows operating system for the PC. With all the other mobile companies in the marketplace, this has left Microsoft on the lower end of the spectrum. But they are trying hard to make a comeback with their newest Surface 3 LTE tablet. Microsoft already revealed the Surface 3 LTE to a few European countries, but then they announced it would be available to U.S. consumers first. Their 4G Surface 3 is already available through AT&T and T-Mobile. However, you can purchase the unlocked version at any of Microsoft’s retail stores and through any of their third-party sellers and partner outlets.

Microsoft is selling two unlocked versions of their tablet; the 128GB version and the 64GB version. Of course, you will need SIM cards to actually use the 4G part of the tablet, but you can still take advantage of the Wi-Fi if you want to go on the internet. If you do decide to get data service through 4G, then you can purchase SIM cards from T-Mobile or AT&T. As for the actual network carrier service, AT&T has already been given exclusive access to sell the Surface 3 LTE 4G under contract to consumers. T-Mobile will later be able to sell the tablet to their business customers. There is also a rumor that Verizon will start selling it at some point in the future as well.

The big drawback to the Microsoft Surface 3 was its prices when it was announced back in March. The Surface 3 with 64 GB of storage and 2GB of RAM costs $500. And for $100 more, you can purchase the Surface 3 with 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. These prices are about the same as Apple’s iPhones and tablets. So is it worth the price to purchase the Microsoft devices or should you stick with Apple? For one thing, the Surface 3 is a laptop and tablet hybrid. This could make consumers feel like they are getting double the hardware for the price of one. After all, consumers have stated plenty of times that they like having the choice to alternate between a keyboard and touch screen functionality. The Microsoft Surface 3 will give them this freedom to choose.

Microsoft has yet to announce the price they are setting for the Surface 3 LTE version, but some speculators predict it will be $100 more than the Surface 3 versions. This means the 64GB Surface 3 LTE will cost $599 and the 128GB Surface 3 LTE will cost $699. The Surface 3 LTE is currently available in Japan, Germany, France, U.K. and Spain. There is no telling when it will come to the United States.

Dead phone battery? Welcome to the tiny charger that ends a big problem


One of the most annoying things about Smartphones is charging the battery. People who lead busy lives often leave their phones on throughout the day without being charged. But, what happens when the battery goes dead and they need to use the phone? If they happen to carry their charger around, then they’ll still have to wait for the battery to charge after they plug it in. Many Smartphones take up to a few hours to fully charge its dead battery. But this is all about to change. An Israeli startup tech company has just come out with a battery for the Smartphone that can be charged within 30 to 60 seconds. The only downside is the StoreDot battery will not power the phone for as long as traditional phone batteries. However, the argument is that people would rather have short charging times and battery life rather than longer charging times and battery life.

Battery charge length has been the focus of tech companies for awhile now. Consumers always seem to have complaints about batteries dying and having to wait a long time for them to charge. Since Smartphones are such an important part of people’s lives now days, some cannot afford to be without a working Smartphone. That is why a battery that charges within one minute could be a life saver to people, particularly business people. As for the charging, it can be done wirelessly through a docking station. The vision is that more internet cafes and coffee shops will provide public charging stations for people’s Smartphones. So if people have StoreDot batteries in their phones, this means they can charge their phone at a public table within 60 seconds and be on their way. That means you wouldn’t have to worry about taking your charger with you. But, this isn’t going to happen anytime soon though.

Store Dot has already received funding from numerous big companies, like Samsung, to see this project through to its full potential. StoreDot even claims that their fast charging batteries can be made for electric vehicles as well. In fact, StoreDot claims they can use their technology to power up an electric car in only five minutes. With a five minute charge, the car would be able to drive 150 miles before its next charge. But first, StoreDot is still trying to revolutionize the Smartphone market with their battery technology. Since one billion Smartphones are sold every year, StoreDot could easily become popular with Smartphone manufacturers if their charging technology takes off.

It sounds like Samsung’s next Galaxy phone will be incredibly fast


Consumers regularly get excited for new Samsung phones because the company has a reputation for making their new phones much better than their previous versions. Recently, Samsung tweeted out a video clip of the new Samsung Galaxy S6. It was actually a small teaser trailer meant to get people excited, and it did. The biggest improvement made to the Galaxy S6 appears to be its speed. The clip goes on to say, “The faster I am, the more that gets done.” Then it concludes with a lightning bolt and an advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy phones. This is a clear sign that performance improvements have been made to the Galaxy S6, although no one knows how Samsung made it faster. Some rumors suggest that the Galaxy S6 will have a version of the Android operating system that is very similar to the version on Nexus 6, which is known for having fast and smooth interface functionality.

The major improvements are likely to be with the chipsets in the device. In fact, Samsung did release some information about its new mobile processor, which is called the Exynos 7. Most mobile device manufacturers use chipsets from other companies, like Intel. But if Samsung is really going to use their own Exynos 7, then it will probably be in the overseas version of Galaxy S6 and not the American versions. This is not clear yet, but speculation suggests this because Samsung tested one of their processors in Korea back in January and the chipset overheated. So if they want to release their Galaxy S6 right away then they may have to just go back to using Qualcomm chipsets instead.

Another version of this new Galaxy S6, called the Galaxy S6 Edge, will have a curved screen in addition to the enhanced speed. There are even hopes that these new Galaxy models will have wireless charging capabilities. This is a feature that is growing more popular in the Smartphone communities. There are many internet cafes and coffee shops that are starting to create power stations on the tables. These allow people to just place their Smartphone down on the table and it will charge its battery. So if Samsung is doing this with their new Galaxy S6, then they will definitely attract attention. Besides all this, it may also come with a new metal design which is bound make consumers happy. Even though cosmetic looks have nothing to do with the operating power of the device, consumers are always attracted to something that is cosmetically pleasing. If Samsung has done this as well, then the Galaxy S6 should be a big seller when it gets released to the public.

One Of The Best Android Phones Will Be Super Cheap Next Month

Android phones have become popular for a variety of reasons. Not only are they easy to use, but they are also the most affordable Smartphones on the mobile marketplace. But this doesn’t mean you can’t wait until they get even cheaper. The newest Android Smartphone will be cheaper next month because Motorola is offering a $140 discount off any purchase on their website that is $499 or more. This means you can get a 64 GB Moto X with no contract for only $360, instead of the retail price of $500. This is Motorola’s best Smartphone yet with lots of memory and completely free of all bloatware. If you want to get a less expensive Motorola phone with more accessories, you could get the 32 GB version of Moto X with a case, charger and wallet case for only $375. This is about the same price as the 64 GB Moto X without the accessories. So it really all depends if the extra memory is worth more than the accessories. Of course, you can still shop around on the Motorola website and try to find your own unique combinations of items to purchase at a discount.

To take advantage of this special discount offer, you have to register at the Motorola website in order to receive the special promo code. Unfortunately, this registration opportunity was only available on February 2nd between noon and 1PM. For those who already got the code, they have until February 14th to use it. However, people who do not have any promo code can still take advantage of some good discount opportunities on the website. You can still get $100 off any $500 purchase, and you can even get $35 off any $250 purchase. These discounts are not as big as the other one, but they are still considerably generous and will save you some good money.

Motorola is a brand that has always been able to merge quality with affordability. Their newest phones have large high definition screens, fast computer processing and a Google Now feature. Best of all, the Motorola phones contain the latest version of the Android operating system. This means you will be able to download apps from the Google Store and play them on your device. Therefore, if you are looking for a super cheap phone then you better take advantage of these discounts quickly before they run out. You never know when Motorola will have another discount opportunity like this one.

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