Sony PlayStation 4

A press event was announced by Sony for 20th of February in New York. Could this be the event in which new PS4 is announced?

PS4 rumors have been buzzing in anticipation of the newest Sony PlayStation 4. Sony has been known to introduce their gaming consoles in New York and Sony may want to beat Microsoft to the punch, so this rumor may have some merit to it. Microsoft Xbox 720 is scheduled to be released in June.

Sony had missed out on a lot of sales in last PS3 launch just after Christmas season in early 2007. Nintendo took advantage of that with their Wii and took a lead in sales then. Sony’s PS3 sales of 70 million units since then did not surpass their widely popular PS2, so Sony is anxious to impress and gain in gaming console market share this year.

PS4 rumors include 4K, full HD, 3D LCD touch screen, biometric sensors, 256GB of storage with at least 8GB of RAM and Blu-ray. Sony PlayStation 4 may be powered by a 3.2GHz processor producing performance of 500 GFLOPs.

Via guardian