Microsoft just launched SkyDrive app for your Xbox 360 and promises some 40 Xbox 360 apps this winter.

SkyDrive app for Xbox 360

SkyDrive app is a cloud storage app that allows you to share all your pics and vids. SkyDrive app is now on Xbox and Kinect. Sign in your Microsoft account on both windows phone and SkyDrive and you can view all your snaps immediately on your 50-inch TV. In fact all your media content in by default on SkyDrive app’s home screen. You can make a slide show using party slide show mode and you can share all your content as well as content shared with you with all of your friends.

SkyDrive app for Xbox works well with Kinect via either voice controls or gestures. Failing that you can always use a remote or Xbox console itself.

Check out this SkyDrive on Xbox promo video:

Microsoft blog via Windows Phone Mix.