There is a big debate in the tech community as to whether Smartphones should be big or not. Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge+ is a supersized version of their previous model. The website “All About Samsung” has already released photographs of this new gigantic Smartphone with a 5.7 inch display. Smartphones this size have been called “phablets,” which is a term that describes a phone that is between the size of a typical Smartphone and the size of a tablet. Some consumers think of big Smartphones like this as tiny tablets. Since they are very similar, it can get kind of difficult to separate a phablet from a tablet or Smartphone.

The specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ are not very clear at the moment. We only know what we have seen in the pictures of the device, which obviously don’t make it clear what the specifications are. The rumors state that the phone won’t come with a removable battery, SD card or stylus. Critics predict the phone will have 3GB of RAM and the eight core computer processor called “Exynos 7420.” The Super AMOLED pixel display will be 2560×1440, which means superior quality over the previous version of the device. Now if all of these specification predictions come true, this phone will become a huge competitor to the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6S that is scheduled to get released soon.

Speculators tend to make a lot of predictions based off a few leaked photos. But logical thinking is probably the best way to predict the outcome of this phone’s release. The question you have to ask yourself is, “Do people really want a bigger phone?” Sure it may be better to look at a bigger screen, but the problem is when you have to carry that phone around with you. Many people like to put their Smartphones inside their pockets for easy access. But if the screen size is too big then it will make storing the phone in your pockets much more difficult. You mine as well get a tablet then because that has a huge screen and can perform the same functions as a Smartphone. However, people could always purchase a clip to attach the Edge+ to their belt or waistline. Overall, the affordability of the Smartphone will be the most important thing. If the phone ends up being cheaper than the newest iPhone 6 Plus, then perhaps it will win over consumers. Only time will tell.