Samsung C34J791 QLED monitor with Thunderbolt 3: a single cable for power and image

Samsung C34J791

Samsung goes ahead in the development of its monitors, in this case the company has presented in the IFA 2018 a new curved monitor with QLED technology and a diagonal of 34 inches. The biggest novelty of this monitor is the incorporation of a Thunderbolt 3 port, which allows us to communicate at an impressive speed of 40 Gb / s.

These new monitors are compatible with Mac and PC, with the two ports Thunderbolt 3 that incorporate, we can communicate at a speed of 40 Gb / s, 8 times faster than a USB 3.0, and upload devices with up to 85 W in one cable. Samsung wants to create a complete ecosystem with Thunderbolt 3 devices and this new monitor model has fit perfectly into it.

Thanks to the resolution 3440 x 1440 of this monitor and its aspect ratio of 21: 9 we have a fairly wide workspace that allows us to use it as two monitors without any problem. In addition, it integrates the Picture-by-Picture system with which we can connect two different sources and work in parallel and the Picture-in-Picture system that allows you to change the size of the second image source up to 25% and be able to work with it in background.

The angle of curvature of this monitor is 1500R and is designed to follow the natural curve of the eye, so we will get a more immersive experience – if possible – than with the current 1800R monitors.

Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology allows us to achieve 125% of the sRGB color spectrum. The panel used is a VA panel and has a contrast ratio of 3000: 1, getting to show details that traditional monitors are not able to reach.

In addition, as is customary in the company, we have the AMD Freesync technology, indispensable for gamers monitors that are going to be used in equipment with AMD graphics card. Although, it has recently been discovered the possibility of taking advantage of AMD Freesync with NVIDIA graphics.

The company has launched another model of gaming monitor with resolutions of 43 and 49 inches. The resolution of these monitors is 3840 x 1200, for the 43 inches diagonal, and 3840 x 1080, for the 49 inches. The curve of the panels is 1800R and has 5 ms response time. Although they do not have Thunderbolt 3 connectors, if they have USB-C ports that allow a speed of 10 Gb / s.

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