Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 crack already available for download? a new failure of Denuvo 4.9

Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 crack

“Denuvo is the definitive anti-piracy solution”; It seems that it was yesterday when the CEO of this company DRM boasted about its anti-copy system. And the truth is that he almost succeeds, and that is if he had turned his arrogance away from the company and had taken a little more care of the DRM problems instead of making it so anti-consumer, things would have been different. However, since 2016, this company does not give foot with ball and every little time we can see how different groups of crackers end up breaking the safety of this DRM, more and more easily. And the last title to start circulating on the network has been the expected  Pro Evolution Soccer 2019.

For some hours, the well-known Konami football game, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, is already circulating on the network. This game has remained pirated for less than 3 months (specifically 85 days) until yesterday, the group of CPY crackers finally published on the network the patched binary eliminating Denuvo from this game and demonstrating, once again, the uselessness of this DRM software.

Although PES 2019 used Denuvo 4.9, there are currently games with more modern versions of this DRM that have fallen, such as  Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey (which had Denuvo 5.1 + VMprotect), Soulcalibur 6 (with 5.1 also),  Football Manager 2019 (with 5.2 ) and even Hitman 2, a game that had the most advanced version of Denuvo to date, 5.3 and that has not been able to resist CPY either.

At the moment, the rival of PES 2019, FIFA 19 (also with the version 4.9), continues protected by this DRM, as well as other games that, for the moment, have not marked a new failure for Denuvo.

There are still games with Denuvo without cracking, although the question is how long will they continue like this?

The list of games that have not yet been cracked by these anti-denuda groups is still quite large, asking to find important titles like, for example, Yakuza 0, Monster Hunter World, Valkyria Chronicles 4, FIFA 19 and Battlefield V, among others.

Anyway, the game that is sure to set a record of time without piracy is Handball 17, title that since its launch in 2016 with Denuvo 3 is still intact.

We are sure that if Denuvo stopped being such an aggressive and invasive DRM and focused on improving the user experience (for example, allowing offline gaming or solving performance problems, among other things) they would not mind buying games with this DRM. However, as long as they continue with that mentality, surely CPY, FCKDRM and CODEX continue to do theirs.

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