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Google is introducing a new device OnHub


Since its inception, Google seeks to simplify the complicated technology end-users, actually since it was started and has made a real revolution with its Google Internet Search. The last thing that it introduced is a new OnHub device that Asus produces. OnHub device is essentially an enhanced wireless router, easy to use for everyone. Wireless routers are generally kept to the side, out of sight, as they are mostly nondescript, and not particularly user-friendly.

Asus OnHub is there to change these disadvantages.

Thanks to a simple and very beautiful and elegant design, the Asus OnHub could fit into any interior. Depending on your internet package, it brings faster internet connection with wireless devices in its network, and using Google On application for android mobile phones, you will have more options to control the flow of the Internet in your home than ever before. Asus OnHub introduces new technology, Wace Control, which allows users to speed up the Wi-Fi connection to a device by simply waving your hands above your Asus OnHub device.

wave control

Google will also update the software, adding new smart antenna algorithms, which should significantly improve the performance of the device.

Pre-order Asus OnHub device began last week and expected price is around $220.

UMi introduced Iron Pro, 3GB of RAM and retinal scanner


The company UMi presented a couple of smartphones this year, including eMax and Iron models. The latest in a series of UMi device is also the most powerful – Umi Iron Pro.

UMi Iron has 3GB of RAM and retinal scanner, and the company decided to introduce Pro version of this model. Iron Pro is very similar to “ordinary” Iron model, but it has a few tricks up his sleeve.

UMi Iron Pro looks identical to UMi Iron, even it has the same dimensions. But Iron Pro has a fingerprint scanner and USB Type-C port. As for the specs, nothing has changed in this field. UMi Iron Pro has a 5.5-inch Full HD display along with 3GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory and slot for microSD memory card. The device starts MediaTek MT 6753 64-bit octa-core processor with Mali-T720 GPU. 13Mpix camera (Sony IMX214 sensor) is located on the back along with dual-LED flash while on the front is the camera of 8Mpix (OmniVision OV8858 sensor).


The battery of 3.350mAh is also present, and there is a support for 4G LTE (1800/2100/2600MHz). This is a device with support for two SIM cards, allowing you to use two Nano-SIM cards or a Nano-SIM with microSD card (up to 64GB). Iron Pro is equipped with Eyeprint ID sensor (scanner of the retina of the eye), which adds another level of protection for the device.

As for the software, the device comes with Android 5.1 (Lollipop) operating system. UMi added a couple of their applications and support for the gesture, but there are not many applications that would unnecessarily slow down the phone.

UMi Iron Pro is made of metal and it will be sold at a price of only $179.99.

Bigger is better: 8 reasons to choose iPhone 6 plus


iPhone 6 plus screen is so big that you will have to buy a whole new wardrobe that you can carry it in your pocket, but it also features the brand new opportunities that we did not expect, some of them are not even on iPhone 6. Despite the fact that it cost an additional $100, iPhone 6 plus will appear on the shelves armed with features that make it not only larger than iPhone 6, but better. Here are 8 reasons why the iPhone 6 plus is better than iPhone 6:

  1. Bigger and stronger display

It was not a metaphor when Tim Cook said that Apple will introduce the most progress in iPhone history. iPhone 6 plus has a huge 5.5-inch screen and it is not only larger that iPhone 6, it has a greater number of pixels with 401ppi compared to 326ppi. This beast has 2 million pixels. This is 183% more pixels than a puny iPhone 5S. It is like TV in your pocket, which is almost as hard to hold in your hand, but you will have fun games, movies, websites and applications like no iPhone so far. And not only that 6 plus screen is bigger, his “Ion-reinforced glass” is more durable than iPhone 6 glass.

  1. You can throw away your tablet

iPhone 6 plus solves the needs of many users for tablets, it has a faster processor than the iPad Air and iPad Mini. Some of the exclusive iPad functions, as a split keyboard, are included in 6 plus, along with the beautiful horizontal applications and horizontal home-screen.

  1. The fun factor

iPad Mini has a small screen, but it is still higher than many paperback novels that you can take with you to café, and a long reading on the iPhone 5S is a painful experience. iPhone 6 plus, on the other hand, may be the best reading device that Apple has ever made, and not to mention playing games.

  1. Phablets are becoming increasingly popular

Apple did not comment on which the quantity of iPhone 6 plus will be available in the beginning, but the reports indicate that the amount could be limited in the first few months. In addition to production problems, there is increasing popularity for phablets worldwide. Sell of 5.5-inch smartphones could jump from 175 million in 2014 to 318 million by the end of the 2015. Smartphones with the big screen are perhaps just a fad, but Apple will earn on it a lot of money, half of those surveyed said that they are planning to buy Apple phablet this year.

  1. Battery life

There is not a big difference between battery life in the iPhone 6 and 5S, but iPhone 6 plus comes with a significant gain, with 10 hours more of 3G talk time compared to the iPhone 6, and 30 hours more when listening the audio. Apple users who are tired of being lonely, they will definitely be delighted with the battery in 6 plus.

  1. The best camera

Optical image stabilization might not sound like an important function, but it will be one of the most important features that many iPhone 6 customers will consider before making a purchasing decision. The enhanced camera is the most attractive hardware upgrade to the iPhone 6 plus in addition to increased resolution, but will it be enough convince to buyers to find a way to squeeze in their pockets?

  1. New features UI

The idea that Apple will add an abomination “one-hand mode” such as Samsung, is scared a lot of Apple fans, but Apple’s solution is actually pretty great. Instead of darkening parts of the screen, a simple double-tap on Touch ID sensor will reduce all from the upper half of the iPhone screen and drop to the lower part, at your thumb touch. The horizontal keyboard has the option to cut, copy and paste, and extended horizontal applications will offer more content than iPhone 6.

  1. Purses worn around the waist – known as “the pack”

Do not think that you will be able to push the iPhone 6 plus in your jeans? Matthew McConaughey is the best guy in Hollywood, and he swears in his purse. “I am not afraid of the purse. Somehow, you have to put aside to look a little less geeky, but still convenience wins”, says the man who has just been nominated for an Academy Award and Emmy Award in the same year. The Rock also carries a purse, although nobody told him that Steve Jobs turtleneck and silver chain are optional.

Difference between Android and IOS OS


While supporters of both operative systems have their arguments to choose their platform, look how they work, what they have in common and the difference in both systems.

  • Interface design

During 2013, Apple had brought flat design which has a minimalist approach, and instead of the button in the back, they use movement coating left – swipe. Apple is successfully forcing their programmers to make flat designed applications, but Google makes his story with material design in the AppStore applications.

On the other hand, with Lollipop 5.0, Google has changed their design. Applications from Google factory got a new design, more layers, animations are a lot different, and everything is much simpler. Even Google redesigning their application is very good, other application manufacturers are not doing that, at least not like Apple where this is very expressed so that IOS remains clearer for users. However, as Android is concerned, it is likely to change as Lollipop support is growing and a greater number of devices will be using new applications.

  • Multitasking

Access to Multitasking option is one of the biggest differences in these two systems. Google multitasking shows like cards that overlap one over the other and by scrolling cards comes up to the application. Applications are easily distinguished because they are separated with colours, and the header of each card shows the name and logo of applications. The disadvantage of this system is that it does not show screen content in the application, which might be convenient when you need it again to see some information, number or phrase.

As far as the IOS 8 system, by double clicking on the circular button you get the Multitasking menu, in which the open applications are arranged next to each other. On a full screen, it is displaying a large application icon below the screen, and the content on them is somewhat readable. On the top of the screen are the most frequently used contacts, which immediately from there, you can send a message or make a call. To turn off applications, you have to move your finger up, and a large number of applications requires more scrolling through the display.

  • Widgets and notifications

Android has long been unrivalled in this category, and the first one that had menu notifications which you need to pull down from the top of the edge with your finger. To add a widget, you need to search in widget menu, and then it is possible to add on home or lock screen.

Widgets are finally available with the last big IOS update, and it offers capable Dropbox or Evernote plugins. Notifications are behind Android capability because they don’t allow turning off the specific notifications, and IOS notifications only have the specific range of automatic responses for some applications.

New Watch OS 2 Features


Apple has finally made available the latest version of the operating system for Apple Watch, Watch OS 2. It is the first major update of the operating system that is available for the owners of Apple Watch smart watches, and one of the major novelties that it brings is the possibility of making Apple Watch application by other developers.

Watch OS 2 should have been available two weeks ago, together with the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 9, but due to the high error that was discovered before the release, Apple decided to delay the start of distribution. Apple Watch OS 2 allows third-party developers to create applications that will run directly on the smart watch, without having to rely on a connected phone. This means that applications will have access to sensors built into Apple Watch, it will be faster and it will be easier to use.

  • New features that Watch OS 2 brings are:
  1. As the first major update of watch OS operating system, Watch OS 2 brings plenty of new features to Apple Watch history, mainly through new development tools. Developers can now create applications that will run on the watch instead of the iPhones as it has been the case so far, and now they have access to some sensors and hardware features including Taptic Engine, the heart monitor, microphone and accelerometer.
  1. In addition to the above features, which will allow other developers to create more complex and complete application, Watch OS 2 also includes new background with clock display (photo album and time-lapse images), Complications features of other developers, improvement that extends the time during which the display will remain illuminated after activation at 70 seconds, and activation lock.
  1. In addition, there is a new Time Travel feature that allows you to view the past and upcoming events within Complications features and Nightstand mode that is activated during charging the watch, during which time is displayed. Also, the Maps application now displays instructions for public transport, versatile Siri, the ability to respond to messages directly from the watch, and other well-known applications that are enhanced.

Apple Watch has been greatly improved with support for the “classic” applications, but also with the inserted functions “under the hood”. Thus, a user from the wrist will be able to respond to an email, it is better and easier to use Siri, and he will be able to use the microphone through the watch. The user can use the Apple Watch as an alarm clock while charging and there are provided additional functions such as the grouping of friends, better search, etc. Apple Watch will be able to be used with advanced integration with Siri service, which will be able to monitor the flight, itinerary, responding to emails, warns the weather opportunities or to run applications.

Selfie Buttons Become a Reality


Selfies have become a popular thing to do in this technological age. People with Smartphones who take pictures of themselves or group pictures with other people are said to be taking a “selfie.” You won’t find the word selfie in the dictionary, but it is a noun that everyone under 40 years old is familiar with by now. The problem people have with taking selfies is when their arm gets in the way. After all, they have to hold the camera up in front of them with their hands and take the picture. But now this problem is about to go away with the invention of the selfie button that you wear around your wrist.

The wearables tech company, Misfit, has created the Misfit Flash button that you can wear like a watch on your wrists. All you have to do is press the button in the middle and it will make your Smartphone take a picture of you. The Misfit Flash Link will connect to your mobile devices through Bluetooth technology. All you have to do is download the Link app onto your smart device and then it will be able to connect to the Misfit Flash button. Future updates to this technology could also integrate the ability to tweet or send emails after you press the button. You may even see the ability to start music by pressing the button as well. This is certainly convenient for those who don’t want the hassle of opening up individual app programs to execute these functions. Of course, you will initially have to set up apps for the Misfit Flash Link, so that it will know which function to execute upon the push of the button.

Now you might think that the Misfit Flash Link is silly and probably not worth the investment. However, the good news is the Flash Link is only $20 to purchase, which likely makes it the cheapest wearable on the market. Not only that, the Link app for your smart device is free to download as well. So you really don’t have much to lose by trying this product out. It certainly beats purchasing a selfie stick to take selfie photos of yourself. Many consumers find selfie sticks to be ridiculous and almost embarrassing to use in public. You don’t have to suffer through the same embarrassment because you can just purchase this Bluetooth controlled wearable instead. The only thing is this wearable doesn’t do anything else except allow you to push a big button in the middle of it. So if you are looking for a smartwatch that has more functions then this won’t be the one for you.

GoPro Shrinks Their Newest Camera Yet Again!


When consumers make the choice to purchase a camera, they often have to ask themselves if they would rather have a high quality camera of average size or a smaller camera that produces less quality. The tech company, GoPro, has the reputation of making very small digital cameras. The Hero4 Session is their newest camera and it is only the size of an ice cube. It is also half the size of the last camera released by GoPro. This has consumers asking the question, “Why make it this small?” Well for one thing, it makes a great spy camera. But this wasn’t even its intended purpose. In this age of selfies and YouTube video production, people want to capture their daily lives anyway possible. This GoPro camera allows someone to simply stick it on the spokes of their bike, wear as a necklace around their neck or hang it on the end of a fishing pole. There are actually a lot of creative uses that one can have with a camera this small.

The Hero4 Session camera went on sale on July 12th of this year. The retail price for the device was about $400, which happens to be the same price as the Apple Watch. These are two devices that consumers may not necessarily run out in purchase because of their hefty price tags. Not only that, they don’t have that much use for the small functionality to make it worth the price. Of course, if you are a documentary filmmaker or if you make a living off making YouTube videos, then sure you can get creative with this camera. But if you are just a curious consumer that wants to try out a few pictures with the Hero4, then you might want to wait until the price goes down. Remember this camera doesn’t have the best quality either. It still takes high resolution video, but you could get a much better quality camera that is a little bigger for the same price. Plus the camera can only record up to 2 hours of video and it takes about 90 minutes to charge. It is also easy to break or lose because of how small it is. That is why you really need to have a purpose for purchasing this camera if you are going to invest $400 into it. Otherwise, it is probably a good idea to just wait until the asking price drops considerably.

Apple TV Service Will Launch in the Fall


Smart technology is everywhere now. Apple has certainly revolutionized it with their smartphones and smartwatches. Now they are about to release their much anticipated Apple TV service this fall. Apple’s TV service will give you a wide variety of content that comes bundled together in one package. You will get programs from cable networks and broadcast networks for just one low monthly fee. Some of these programs include ESPN, HBO, Cinemax, Fox, ABC, NBC, Netflix, iTunes and more. Apple is currently finalizing the deals with their affiliates to allow their programs through the Apple TV service. These deals should be finalized by late fall, which is when the service is scheduled to be available. It can also connect with the media in your Apple accounts. So if you have a long list of HD movies that you purchased from iTunes, you can now bring them to a bigger television screen that has top notch quality. The only requirement for this service is that you have a smart television with an internet connection. The Apple TV is just a box that connects to your television, which is similar to a cable box. It is very simple to hook up as well.

There seems to be one hold up with the deals Apple is making with these television networks. Apparently, Apple wants to keep 30% of all the revenues earned from their service. Many networks seem to have a problem with that, since their programming is what constitutes most of the content in the service. But experts believe these minor setbacks are only temporary, and that a resolution between Apple and their affiliates will likely be made. As for consumers, they are already excited to hear about this Apple TV service. Apple TV is something that has been talked about for quite awhile now. Consumers have seen commercials and demonstrations at tech shows for this device, which has caused them to give it great praise. Now the real thing is about to be released and everyone is excited about it. More importantly, it will be a lot cheaper to get your television programming through Apple TV versus the traditional cable companies, like DirecTV and Bright House. Apple previously announced their monthly fee for the service would be $99, but they recently announced a drop to just $69. Because of the affordability, it is predicted that this service will become popular very quickly upon its availability.

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