Kingston UV500 adds a new 2TB model to its SSD line: Kingston UV500 specifications and price

Kingston UV500 specifications and price

The manufacturer of solid storage solutions, Kingston, has just introduced the new member of the family, Kingston UV500. The new UV 500 2 TB is a model that will be manufactured, at least for the moment, only in the form factor of 2.5 inches, using in its interior NAND Flash memory of the 3D TLC type. Little by little, the size of solid storage units is growing, and they are beginning to be in sizes similar to the more traditional mechanical hard drives. This means Kingston UV500 is laptop friendly. Although their prices have been falling little by little the reality is that they are still far from what usually cost the mechanical storage units, especially with regard to the models of higher capacities.

The Kingston UV500 series was introduced last April, with a range of storage capacities, which could be purchased, ranging from a modest 120 GB to the 960 GB version. Today, Kingston has introduced a new model, which increases internal capacity to 1.96 TB, becoming the SSD of the brand that has greater internal capacity. Of course, at least for the moment you will only be able to buy in the format of 2.5 “, without the company has specified whether or not plans to launch these capabilities in other popular formats among users, such as M. 2.

used to manage the 3D NAND Flash memory of the TLC type. Thanks to her, these new units have a reading speed of 520 MB / s, while the writing is 500MB / s. Its performance in 4K operations is 79,000 IOPS for read operations, and 50,000 IOPS for write operations, very on par with the performance of the previous 960 GB model.

With the passage of time, the life expectancy of solid storage units has improved considerably. The use of TRIM and the NAND memory cell wear management techniques, together with the oversizing of these units, has allowed that, in the case of the Kingston UV500 2 TB, the lifetime is estimated at 1,000,000 hours of functioning. This means that its operation in writing (which is the most important parameter in the SSD) is 800 TBW, or what is the same, completely fill the capacity of these new units about 400 times.

The price of the new Kingston UV500 2 TB is $ 695, according to the Kingston website.

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