Jonsbo CR-201 RGB: heatsink with RGB LED lighting and tempered glass

Jonsbo CR-201 RGB specs price

Jonsbo, a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the design and manufacture of cooling solutions for computers, has just introduced its new model CR-201 RGB. This new heatsink with RGB LED lighting, takes this type of lighting a step further, by incorporating not only its fan, but also the body of this with a tempered glass sheet. Due to its type of construction, it is not uncommon to see heatsinks with RGB LED lighting, which also incorporate a tempered glass sheet in your body. Yes, we agree that its use has been popularized an awful lot in building computer boxes, although thermally speaking, we believe it is the best solution, but the reality is that its use in sinks, do not seem to be widespread among the manufacturers of these.

However, this has not stopped Jonsbo from implementing it on its new CR-201 RGB heatsink. Actually, this heatsink is a new version of another older model of the brand: the CR-201, which previously incorporated the LED lighting as a luminous ring on its fan and that, of course, was not RGB as in this new model.

The new Jonsbo CR-201 RGB makes use of the technology of direct contact with the processor’s IHS. In his case, the manufacturer uses 4 heat pipes of 6 mm in diameter to transmit the heat from the processor to the cooling fins of the dissipater. This type of configuration is widely used by the manufacturers of dissipaters with contained prices, as a way to lower the manufacturing price of this component to the maximum. Thermally speaking, it is not as effective as the traditional method, but the temperature differences are not too great to rule out as a viable method.

As for its dimensions, the CR-201 RGB has a height of 160 mm, a width of 129 mm and a depth of 93 mm, with a weight of 964 g, so this is a rather heavy model for its dimensions. Mounts a 120 mm fan with PWM connection, with a rotation speed between 800 and 1600 rpm, with an air flow between 21.6 and 52.1 cfm and a sound range between 18.5 and 30.8 dBA.

The mounting system used by this heatsink with RGB LED allows it to be compatible with Intel and AMD platforms, except for the HEDT range of both manufacturers. The manufacturer has not given data on the price it will have or on when it will begin to be sold.

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