ID-COOLING CHROMAFLOW 240: AIO liquid cooling with configurable RGB LEDs


The manufacturer of liquid cooling systems ID-COOLING, has just presented its new model CHROMAFLOW 240, a liquid cooling AIO whose fans are equipped with LED RGB lighting in its internal frame. This lighting can be controlled and configured by the user through the motherboard itself and its LED driver. The liquid refrigeration AIO has been on the market for some time, and the truth is that they have settled firmly in this. Despite not being as efficient in the price / performance ratio as air refrigeration, the reality is that these have been around for a long time, and it does not look like wanting to disappear from the market. Of course, this is a situation that greatly benefits the few AIO manufacturers that are in the market, which are responsible for designing and producing all these models.

Much of the success that this type of refrigeration is having lies, not in its assembly, which is usually much more complex than that of an air heatsink, if not in the ease they have to create lighting effects configurable by the user, either with its own software or from the software that usually incorporate the motherboards currently.

The feature that most striking of the new ID-COOLING CHROMAFLOW 240 is that its LED RGB are configurable on an individual basis by the user. This means that each of the AIO liquid cooling LEDs has its own chip that allows it to be configured, both in the color and in the lighting effect that the user wishes. This can be done through the software that incorporates the base bale. In this regard, the new ID-COOLING CHROMAFLOW 240 has been designed to be compatible with the Asura AURA Sync standard and the Mystic Light Sync standard. of MSI, which covers the vast majority of current gaming motherboards.

As for the liquid refrigeration AIO, it has a radiator of double body, made of aluminum, to which two fans of 120 mm are joined, with a speed of rotation that oscillates between 900 and 2000 rpm, which have a pressure static 2.13 mmH2O. Its flow of 55.2 cfm is not that it is to shoot rockets, but with such a high static pressure, we believe that it will be more than enough for AIO liquid cooling to perform its work more than correctly.

The ID-COOLING CHROMAFLOW 240 can be purchased at a price of $ 119.99 when it reaches the market.

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