The Chinese telecommunications and computer equipment company, Huawei, is rumored to be teaming up with Google for the creation of their next Nexus phone nicknamed “Bullhead.” This collaboration could involve the Google Play Store being brought to China because it would get preinstalled on the Huawei Nexus when it gets released there. If Google pulls this off then they would be opening up their stores to a whole new market of consumers. Rumors also suggest that the agreement between Google and Huawei would involve a way to introduce the Huawei Watch into the Western marketplace. There may even be a possibility that this Android run wearable will work with iPhones as well. But these are all just rumors and there are no guarantees that any of it will happen.

The main obstacle Google faces is gaining reentry into the Chinese marketplace. Right now they are only helping with the development of the next Nexus phone, but there are no guarantees that the Google Play Store will be on there. This is just a wish that Google wants to make come true. The good news is it looks like the United States will be getting the phone very soon. The device contains a 3500mAh battery and 5.7 inch screen display, which would ultimately make it a phablet because of its above average size. In the mean time, LG is developing another Nexus phone with the nickname “Angler.” This will be a smaller Smartphone with a 5.2 inch display, a 2700mAh battery, a Snapdragon 808 processor and a totally new exterior design.

Google hasn’t released any specifications on the hardware for the Nexus devices yet. Critics think Google is waiting to release their next version of the Android operating system called “Android M” before they give out the hardware specs. Google should be release the Android M near the end of the year, so perhaps they will reveal it then. With four months left, Google still has time to negotiate with Huawei and come up with a great agreement that will satisfy both parties.

Consumers still care more about cost than anything else. Even if Google is able to get the Huawei Nexus into the United States, the affordability of the device will likely attract them the most. As for the consumers of the Chinese market, they will bring plenty of business to Google if the company is able to get their Play Store onto the Nexus phones sold in China. It will be exciting to see how the arrangement between Huawei and Google pans out.