HP EliteDisplay S14: Add a second Full HD monitor to your laptop, mobile or tablet

HP EliteDisplay S14

It is the first HP Full HD portable monitor with USB-C connection. HP yesterday decided to renew its range of high-end laptops, incorporating the latest releases of Intel Coffee Lake and AMD Ryzen 2nd generation processors. Together with its new computers, the brand has decided to launch the first HP Full HD portable monitor, the HP EliteDisplay S14, with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Giving us the possibility of taking the second screen to any place, making it easier for us to work away from home.

The new HP portable screen is designed to give users a quick option to connect their laptop, tablet or mobile and expand the size of the screen. Although it can be understood as an element of productivity, its small size can make it the second screen of many users, including gamers.

The HP EliteDisplay S14 incorporates a folding support that facilitates the support of the monitor when it is used and that serves as a protective cover when we travel (reminds us of what we usually use in our tablets). The design of the screen complements that of the new HP laptops, this monitor only has a USB-C port that serves to feed and transmit the image; which will cause the battery charge of our equipment to be affected when using it. Although according to HP the monitor will not consume more than 15 W during its use.

This monitor has a diagonal of 14 inches contained in 32.7 cm x 0.86 cm x 20.9 cm, with a weight of 1 kg. A dimensions and weight that greatly facilitate the transport of the device and improve in a 46 % and 12% the thickness and weight of previous models. If you look at the frames, the company has done a great job of reducing them in their IPS panel.

The viewing angle of this IPS panel is 178 degrees, it has a Full HD resolution, 60 Hz refresh rate and 5 ms response time. The maximum brightness of the S14 is 220 nits and a contrast ratio of 700: 1. One of the functions incorporated in the new monitor is anti-glare technology, LED backlighting and on-screen controls. The information that HP has not yet provided is the range of colors that the EliteDisplay S14 supports.

The price of the new HP monitor is $ 219 and will be released in July 2018.

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