EVGA 450 BR, 500BR, 600 BR, 700 BR power supplies for PC made official

EVGA 450 BR, 500BR, 600 BR, 700 BR

The manufacturer of power supplies EVGA, has just presented its new series of economic sources with 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency and flat wiring, which greatly facilitate the task of keeping hidden the cables that are left over from each assembly. These new models of power supplies are available in four different powers, from 450 W to 700 W.

I think we’re not wrong when we say that generic or bad-brand power supplies are probably the source of the vast majority of problems that equipment that falls within the input range usually has. And is that, if there is a component that can not be spared even a penny, when buying it, that is the power source. Those sources advertise many watts of power for very low prices are all lies that they are selling.

These models usually lack the minimum protection incorporated into their design, and are most likely to catch fire due to internal short circuits. Believe us, they are not worth it. They are not worth it when in the range of entrance there are sources of food at very cheap prices that can serve you perfectly. In the majority of cases, these models usually equip all the necessary protections to avoid that a fright ends up becoming a problem.

The new series of economic sources of EVGA has all the protections that a good source of power must have to give a good peace of mind to its owners, so that they are sure that, in case of a problem with the source or with a component that receives power from it, the problem will not be transmitted to the other components of the system.

Apart from this added security, these economic sources employ a DC to DC transformer, with an internal topology quite similar to those used by the top-end power supplies of many other manufacturers. From this transformer, the +5 V and +3.3 V rails are fed, while the + 12V rail is a single channel, which is capable of providing all the power that each model is capable of.

The new EVGA BR sources can now be purchased on the manufacturer’s website, with the following prices for each model:

EVGA 450 BR: USD 49.99
EVGA 500 BR: USD 54.99
EVGA 600 BR: USD 64.99
EVGA 700 BR: USD 74.99

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