Diner Bros available on Steam – Cook, serve, and upgrade your restaurant in hectic kitchen

diner bros

Diner Bros, a game where you cook, serve, and upgrade your restaurant in hectic kitchen. In the game, you have to cook and serve them as fast as you can. You also do the job of a manager. The game gets complex as it progresses and your job being a restaurant manager does not look as easy as it looks.

It is totally possible to help of your friends in managing your restaurant and they can even work as your waiters. Diner Bros is also translated to Chinese, Russian, French, and Spanish languages.

Here are the features of it:

* Cook and serve meals as fast as you can to keep your customers happy!
* Manage and upgrade your restaurant until you’ve earned the coveted 3-star award
* Get new equipment and learn recipes to offer new main courses and side dishes
* Attend different special customers such as the runners, construction workers, punks, and food critics
* Make your business grow in the single player or co-op campaign with 3 main levels
* Test your skills in 12 challenge levels
* Hire more staff if you’re playing the single-player campaign…
* Or ask your friends to help you out in the frantic and hilarious 2-4 couch co-op action!

The game is available on Steam for 10 dollars/euro.

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