How to buy a good SSD solid state drive?

There are three main points for choosing a solid state drive . One look at the brand, the second look at the core, and the third look at the after-sales service.

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Choose a big brand

The first is the brand in the SSD (solid state drive) industry. Almost ordinary manufacturers with a certain hardware production basis can quickly produce and distribute goods, which stems from the high division of labor and integration of the solid state drive industry. Manufacturers only need to purchase core components from different major manufacturers, and after simple assembly and packaging and testing, they can be listed.

As a result, there are many brands in the solid-state hard drive industry, and they are often shoddy and deceive ordinary users. As an ordinary consumer, when it is not clear whether the product is good or bad, it is best to choose a large storage brand with a certain reputation to avoid being deceived by the assembly factory.

Core components

The second is the core components. As I just said, based on the high division of labor and integration of solid state drives, the reliability of the core components directly determines the product quality and performance of solid state drives.

The so-called core components mainly refer to the internal main control chip of the solid state drive and the flash memory particles. In terms of the main control chip, the mainstream third-party integration solution providers such as Huirong and Phison, and the other are Samsung, For self-developed master controllers such as Toshiba and SanDisk, as long as the product master does not deviate from these two categories, there will be almost no major problems.

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In terms of flash memory particles, it is more complicated. Ordinary consumers only need to recognize that the original particles from Samsung, SanDisk, Western Digital, Toshiba, Intel/Micron, and SK Hynix can buy and buy without thinking. Other packaged particles Although there are also products with good quality and performance, for ordinary users, it takes a lot of time to analyze and screen, so it is not recommended to start.

Good after-sales warranty

Finally, after-sales, the storage mechanism of solid-state hard disk products based on charge-through discharge makes its lifespan an issue that cannot be ignored in the industry. Especially as the number of stacked layers of flash memory particles continues to accumulate, the internal arrangement of NAND flash memory becomes tighter, and the lifespan of the charge and interference prevention have become topics of common concern for users and manufacturers.

When choosing a solid state drive, ordinary consumers must pay attention to the product’s warranty period and choose a more long-term after-sales service to avoid data loss to a large extent.

At present, there are generally two mainstream solid-state hard disk warranty methods, one is the limit of years, and the other is based on the amount of writing, namely TBW. The two are mutually exclusive, that is, as long as one of the two exceeds the warranty limit, they cannot enjoy Guaranteed.

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