Cryorig Frostbit M.2 Cooler and C7 RGB: new heatsinks for M.2 SSD and processor

Cryorig Frostbit M.2 Cooler and C7 RGB

Cryorig has announced the launch of two new products that will show in the Computex 2018, the Frostbit and the C7 RGB , the first is a heatsink for M.2 units and the second a heatsink for mini-ITX systems. The M.2 units reach higher speeds each time, which leads to high temperatures and makes necessary the dissipation, leaving the flat dissipaters of the insufficient memories. In a very original way Cryorig has managed to improve the efficiency of its M.2 memory heatsink by placing an aluminum dissipater attached to a copper pipe of only 1 mm and another of 6 mm, diameter to which we are already accustomed.

One of the main features of this heatsink is that it can be moved to prevent it from getting in the way of other components. The capacity of dissipation of the Cryorig Frostbit is of 12 W. The dimensions of this product are of 72 x 26.3 x 57 mm, with a total of 38 sheets distributed by the dissipater.

Along with Frostbit, the brand has announced a second cooling system for mini-ITX equipment. The Cryorig C7 RGB is an ultra-compact , high-performance CPU heatsink that features RGB lighting. This sink has 57 fins and is crossed by four copper pipes of 6 mm in diameter. The fan that integrates this dissipater is able to achieve a maximum air flow of 40.5 CFM with a noise level of 30 dBA. The maximum air pressure will be 2.8 mmH2O with a speed of 600 to 2500 RPM.

This is a very powerful dissipater with a dissipation capacity of 100 W , a pretty good figure for its contained dimensions of 97 x 97 x 47 mm. The weight of the C7 RGB is 62 grams, fitting perfectly as expected for this type of components.

The RGB fan can control its lighting through the RGB port of the motherboard or any 12 V controller for RGB light, so if we already have an illuminated system, we will only have to connect it to the controller.

The company has not yet revealed the price of these new products , which will be exhibited at Computex 2018. The convection will take place this year on June 5 and 9.

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