Cooler Master MasterWatt MWE Gold: modular sources up to 750 W and 90% efficiency

Cooler Master MasterWatt MWE Gold review

The manufacturer of power supplies, Cooler Master, has recently introduced its new series of sources MasterWatt MWE Gold. The manufacturer increases, in this way, its current line of MWE sources with 6 new models, three of which have the wiring fixed to the source, while the other three have completely modular wiring, with the improvement in the ventilation of the interior of the box that this represents for all users.

We spoke a moment ago of the improvement in ventilation that represents for users to have a modular power supply. And, although this point is correct, the new MasterWatt MWE Gold that carry the fixed wiring to the chassis of the source, will not have too many problems with the management of cables inside their boxes, since Cooler Master has made those models use flat wiring. This type of wiring is much easier to hide. Apart from not represent a major obstacle to the circulation of fresh air that comes from the outside of the box.

But not only the model with fixed cables employs flat wiring. The modular model also uses this type of power cables for the internal components of the computer, in all those used, except for the 24-pin main power supply, which is still a traditional model, lined with nylon mesh.

The maximum power at which the new Cooler Master MasterWatt Gold sources can be purchased will be 550, 650 and 750 W, both for models with fixed wiring, and for models with fully modular wiring. In both cases, these sources use a topology with an internal DC-to-DC transformer, which allows them to obtain greater internal durability of the source components. Although the latter also helps the use of capacitors designed to work comfortably at temperatures of 45 ° C, instead of the usual 25 ° C of the capacitors that are often used in sources of lower quality.

With all this, it is not surprising that Cooler Master has achieved the 80Plus Gold certification for its new MasterWatt MWE Gold sources. This indicates that the source is capable of achieving 90% efficiency when feeding the internal components of our computer, losing only 10% of power as heat. And, speaking of heat, these new sources use a 120 mm fan to perform the usual tasks of cooling the equipment. But this fan belongs to the Silencio series, which ensures that the maximum loudness when in operation will be only 20 dBA.

Cooler Master has not communicated when these new MasterWatt MWE Gold sources will reach the market, nor the price that each of them will have.

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