Cherry MW8 ADVANCED: new wireless mouse with up to 70 days of battery life

The manufacturer of peripherals Cherry, famous for its different mechanical switches models, has just presented its new wireless mouse Cherry MW8 ADVANCED, which is equipped with an internal battery that is capable of providing, depending on the use that is given and the resolution used, an autonomy that can reach up to 70 days of use.


The manufacturer Cherry may be more famous for its mechanical switches, which are mounted on so many models of gaming or office keyboards nowadays. Famous with good reason, given that they are considered by the users as the switches that give a better experience when typing for a long time, either to work with them or to play. But this does not mean that the manufacturer only dedicates himself to producing those components and their corresponding keyboards. Cherry also produces other peripherals such as the MW8 ADVANCED mouse.

The Cherry MW8 ADVANCED mouse is a new model of the brand that is manufactured with the same good materials that usually characterize the rest of the brand’s products, and that differentiate them from the rest of the competition. For example, its surface is made of brushed-finished aluminum, while its sides are covered with rubber with a Voronoi-type design.

The new wireless mouse Cherry MW8 ADVANCED becomes the top model of this manufacturer, for which an optical PixArt sensor has been used that is able to record the movement of the mouse even on transparent surfaces such as glass. This optical sensor has a resolution that can be adjusted by its user in four steps: 600, 1000, 1600 and 3200 DPI, which makes the mouse can be used in monitors with 4K resolution without excessive problems.

However, what may be more interesting for potential customers is, apart from the Cherry MW8 ADVANCED is wireless, that the mouse has a range of 70 days, thanks to its integrated battery of 550 mAh type LiPo. This battery can be charged thanks to a USB cable from the computer port where it is being used, and allows you to use the mouse while charging it.

The wireless connectivity of the MW8 ADVANCED is done through an adapter that works in the 2.4 GHz band. But the mouse can also be connected via Bluetooth 4.0. And, to change between both modes, the user only has to press a button. This allows to have the mouse connected, simultaneously to two devices and alternate their use between them.

The new Cherry MW8 ADVANCED will hit the market at the end of September, at the price of 50 euros.

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