Cheapest RTX 2080 Ti is from EVGA

EVGA has just scored, if the simile is allowed, a goal for the squad, as it has announced a new model for NVIDIA. The news would not be just this, since this is something very common and expected, but because this RTX 2080 Ti Black Edition will come with custom design and at a price of 999 dollars.

evga RTX 2080 Ti

This EVGA RTX 2080 Ti Black Edition will be slower than the “original”

Something bad has to have an offer ” so tempting “, and although there is still some confusion around this model (there is another Black Edition ), the truth is that the brand will touch slightly on the design and the clocks.

Other cards of the competition are located around 1300 euros, including Founders Edition, so this GPU can cannibalize much of the sales in the United States. The version listed so far had a boost that made it reach 1560 MHz while the version that will reach this good price will only reach 1545 MHz.

This puts it below the clocks of most existing models and of course Founders Edition, where they reach up to 1635 MHz. On the other hand, on the part of the GDDR6 there will be no changes, where it will maintain the same frequencies as the other versions and the same quantity, that is, 616 GB / s and 11 GB of total size.

For cooling, EVGA has been a continuist in terms of design and will keep its two original fans for this Black Edition. As is customary in the brand, depending on the temperature these will rotate at a higher or lower speed, adjusting the RPM to what the card needs.

For what has been rumored, EVGA initially plans to remodel the blades of these fans to increase the amount of air that comes in contact with the heatsink and reduce noise at the same time.

On the heatsink itself, the brand has not made statements about it, but it is estimated that there are no changes in it.

On the other hand, EVGA has already made available to US users and sale this EVGA RTX 2080 Ti Black Edition through its website, as we say, for $ 999. This same model is available in Europe as RTX 2080 Ti XC Black Edition and has the highest clocks of those named, that is, 1560 MHz.

But as it can not be otherwise, the price is much higher, rising to 1250 euros. Although this article focuses on the $ 999, this should not be news, since it was the NVIDIA itself that set said starting price for custom models.

It should be the opposite in any case, where the news would be to see the models from 999 dollars to 1250 euros or higher. Unfortunately, at the moment, this downward price adjustment will not occur at our borders, so we will have to wait to get one at the price recommended by the manufacturer.

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