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Android smart watches get in time with iPhone


Android smartwatches are starting to become known amongst consumers and tech enthusiasts. But some people are unsure about the differences between Android smartwatches and other brands of smartwatches, like the Apple Watch. Those who enjoy Apple over Google may not want to switch to Android Wear just to try out a different operating system. Well it seems that Google may have a way to solve this problem because they are releasing a new version of their Android Wear software that is designed for Apple’s “iOS” mobile operating system. Android Wear for iOS will be available for the LG Watch Urbane. In the future, there will be other Android Wear smartwatches that will support the Apple iOS. Some of these watches will be Asus, Huawei, and Motorola. Google plans to keep people informed on the latest developments in these future releases. 

This latest move seems to be Google’s way of competing with the highly awaited Apple Watch. When people put on one of these Android smartwatches, it will be able to communicate with their iPhone because of the iOS integration. Now people who are predominately iPhone users can now purchase another Android device and use them together. Before, consumers generally had to stick with one brand. If they bought an Android phone then every other device the purchase had to be Android as well. The same went for Apple users too. People with iPhones needed iPads, iPods and so on. When Android Wear was first released it was only able to work with a Google operating system. But with this new ability for Android Wear to communicate with an iOS, it opens up all kinds of possibilities for cross brand communication.

 Right now the fitness tracker Fitbit is the top selling smartwatch with Apple Watch coming in second place. It would be very hard for Android to make itself stand out amongst these top two competitors unless they did something unique with their smartwatches that no one else has done. This new move by Android will likely be the thing that keeps their watches selling and keeps them stable in the marketplace. For one thing, Android Wear is only $100 whereas the Apple Watch starts at $500. Most people are not going to pay $500 when they can pay $100, especially if it will communicate with their existing iPhone. The one bad thing Apple has going for it is its prices. They are always the most expensive computer brand on the market. Since smartwatches are not really that popular to begin with, it is unlikely that consumers will keep shelling out $500 for the newest Apple Watch. Therefore, Google has a strong chance of getting their Android Wear ahead of the game.

Apple OS X 10.9 Mavericks a free download!

Apple had launched their latest OS called Mavericks and is now offering it for free.

Apple OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Apple OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Just like in the previous version this upgrade is in digital form and available now in apple store. You need OS X Snow Leopard or newer to upgrade.

As rumored, the new OS offers new Finder Tags, ability to respond to iMessages from Notifications, to add large screen when watching movies on AirPlay, safer 256-bit AES encryption on Keychain passwords, improved Apple Maps and more.

iWork and iLife were revamped and redesigned and Apple is offering them for free as well.

Along with new OS X 10.9 Apple introduces iPad Air, the world’s lightest 10 inch tablet, and Haswell-run power efficient MacBook Pros.

Apple pushes last minute bug fixes before Maverick’s launch

Just hours before Apple’s fall event, Apple releases a Gold Master version of Mavericks.

13A603 GM version of Mavericks

13A603 GM version of OS X Mavericks

After finding some bugs in the upcoming OS, Apple released a “Gold Master” GM version of OS 10.9 to developers. The GM version is pretty rare with Apple. After the final version of new operating software is pushed to developers, it is usually a done deal and the same version is then offered publicly. This time however, just one day before the launch, ironing out some last bugs Apple sent out the OS X Maverick GM version.

Apple Fall Event

Apple Fall Event

9to5mac reports that the new build is called 13A603. We don’t know what bugs Apple felt it needed to squash, but we’re hoping the new Maverick OS will be successfully launched tomorrow. The Apple Fall Event taking place in San Fransisco tomorrow October 22nd is expected to reveal new Mac Pro, MacBook Pro notebooks, new iPad mini 2 and iPad 5 devices and of course the newest OS X Maverick.

Apple event on Oct 22nd to unveil new iPads, OS X, and new Mac Pro

Apple’s fall event will likely, in less than two weeks, unveil new generation of iPads, new OS X and perhaps even a new Mac Pro tower.

iPad 5

iPad 5

Apple event to bring us thinner, lighter and faster iPads, new Mac Pro, and new OS X is now firmly pegged for October 22nd. AllThingsD reported that Apple’s invitation-only event will happen the same day as Nokia ‘Innovation Reinvented’ event in Abu Dhabi where Nokia is expected to unveil their first Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet.

The refreshed 10 inch iPad is likely to be only 7.9mm thick, and weigh about a pound. As iPad 5 rumors predicted, the upgraded iPad will sport new 64-bit A7 processor seen in iPhone 5S, but the display and cameras are likely to remain unchanged. Much like in the case of iPhone 5S, Apple will add a gold version of iPad with Touch ID scanner.

iPad mini 2 in gold with Touch ID scanner

iPad mini 2 in gold with Touch ID scanner

iPad mini will too be brought up to date. The iPad mini 2 rumors we have seen making their rounds suggest a much needed display upgrade to 7.9-inch IGZO display with 2,048 x 1,536 pixels. The FaceTime camera is to be of 2 megapixels, while on the back we’ll have 8 megapixel camera. Will the new 2013 iPad mini come in 128GB version?

OS X 10.9 Mavericks

OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Apple is expected to introduce new OS X 10.9 Mavericks that, apart from being faster and more secure (not that it needs be), it will introduce new features like Finder Tags, Shared Links, iBooks and Multiple displays.

New Mac Pro 2013 opened

New Mac Pro 2013 opened (click)

New 2013 Mac Pro should make appearance with its robust Xeon chip and PCIe flash drive. The made-in-USA tower promises to top 1GBps read and write speeds. Apple notes that the new Mac Pro will be about 10 times faster than its predecessor, reaching performance of 7 teraflops. The 12-core Xeon processor is at least twice as fast as the older chip and it is said to power four 4K displays.

The exact location of Apple’s fall event is unknown, but it is likely to be in Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco.

On a related news, Microsoft will kick off its retail sale of upgraded Microsoft Surface 2 and Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablet just three days after Apple’s fall event. Hmm, I wonder how this is going to effect Microsoft’s hopes in making a killing with these two new convertible tablets.

iTunes 11.1 Beta Featuring the iTunes Radio

With release of iOS 7 Beta 4 update to developers, Apple sneaked in iTunes 11.1 Beta update. For the first time we’re taking a look at new iTunes Radio.

iTunes 11.1 Beta Featuring the iTunes Radio

iTunes 11.1 Beta Featuring the iTunes Radio

Subscribers to iTunes Radio will pay $25 annually and for that they’ll get the radio service on all Apple devices ad-free. If you choose not to opt-in, you’ll get the same audio for free, but with ads. Playlists are created according to user’s interests and custom playlists can be created. Custom radio stations can be added as well.

iTunes Radio add more stations like this

The iTunes 11.1 Beta update isn’t available to public, but we’re hoping all will be revealed on September 18th along with rumored iPhone Lite, new flagship iPhone 5S, Apple TV 5.4 and more. Apple TV update is rumored to fix AirPlay issues, bunch of other bug fixes and users will be able to buy content as well.


Quickbooks Inventory Management System

The new Quickbooks inventory management system adds numerous helpful and crucial functions to your existing QuickBooks, which is the most used accounting software utilized by small to mid-sized businesses.

Quickbooks Inventory Management SystemRapid Inventory adds a variety of ways to better manage your inventory with increased efficiency. No installation is required, and there is no new hardware or software to purchase or download. A secure Web Connector, which is a software application that runs on Microsoft Windows, enables the tracking and exchanging of data with QuickBooks.

Track such items as location, stock rotation, lot number, bar code scanning, expiration date, hold reason and more.

Streamline order fulfillment and invoicing: Fulfill and invoice sales orders faster for quicker payments.

Manage cash flow: Stop having excess money tied up in inventory over-ordering by this method of providing concise inventory forecasting so you will have the correct amount of products on your shelves.

Reduce or eliminate inventory shrinkage: Rapid Inventory allows you to know where every inventory item is and has stock rotation using First In, First Out and First Expired, First Out.

Accurately project inventory: Purchasing Forecasting Reports give you the necessary information on past sales and current market indicators to predict your customers’ needs.

No need to add staff to ship more products: Use Quickbooks inventory management system to streamline operations in a fast and error-proof way to increase order fulfillment.

Photoshop CS6 shortcuts (cheat-sheet)

I have picked up on Photoshop lately and since couple of new versions of Creative suites came out, I have become quite rusty. Here is a nice Photoshop CS6 cheat-sheet I came across while searching for help yesterday.

Photoshop CS6 Shortcut CheatSheet - Tags


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iWork for iCloud to compete with Google Docs

Apple had announced new iWork for iCloud version to compliment the iWork versions for OS X and iOS. New iWork for iCloud will work much like the browser based Google Docs, or Microsoft Office Web Apps.

iWork for iCloud

iWork for iCloud (click)

Part of the new iWork for iCloud will be Numbers (spread-sheets), Pages (word editor), and Keynote (presentation’s editor) and all Microsoft Office docs will be compatible. Chrome, IE and Firefox browsers are supported, but Apple says the performance will be best in Safari. Beta version of iWork for iCloud is available for download and the full public version will be available at the time of release of new OS X 10.9 Mavericks in fall.

iCloud is the fastest growing cloud service. There has been over 35 billion downloads of iTunes in the Cloud and over 800 billion iMessages sent using iCloud. The iCloud’s Game Center enjoys over 240 million users.

WWDC in San Francisco also brought in new iTunes Radio (iRadio), new iOS 7, new OS X 10.9 Mavericks, New Safari, AirDrop file sharing and more.

source: Techland

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