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New Microsoft Translator for Apple Devices

Translator software technology is expanding out to new devices all the time. When you perform a translation into the software, it may not give you a perfect translation because it doesn’t take into account the grammar and slang so much. But it will give you a basic idea of what the words actually mean that you are translating. So far you have seen this technology in Google, Microsoft and other online translators around the internet. You have also seen translator apps for iPhone and Android devices as well. One of the most popular translator apps is from Microsoft, which is called Microsoft Translator. They have already brought their translator technology to the Apple iPad and iPhone. Now they are going to bring it to the Apple Watch. This will be one of the first smartwatches to have a translator app on it. What is great about this particular app is that it can translate over 50 languages and is the first version to be released for the Apple Watch.

It only makes sense to have a smartwatch translator app because it will be very easy to translate messages or words that foreigners are speaking to you. Instead of having to pull out your Smartphone or tablet every time you have to translate something in real life, you can just look at the smartwatch on your wrist to translate it. This is a faster and more convenient way to conduct translations. It will also save you the embarrassment of having to pull out a device in front of a foreign speaker every time they talk. A translator on your wrist will actually look more professional than one may realize.



The Apple Watch has already gotten the attention of consumers, despite the fact that smartwatches are not really popular devices overall. But as you probably know, anything with the Apple brand is going to attract people. Then with the Microsoft Translator added into the mix, it will certainly turn some heads. The biggest market for the Apple Watch will likely be with international businesspeople that have to deal with foreigners on a regular basis. If it is a wealthy businessperson then they will likely purchase the golden Apple Watch, which will certainly spell out success to whoever sees it on their wrist. As for everyone else, they can still purchase the basic Apple Watch and use the translator to understand their foreign coworkers or neighbors.

Microsoft Surface 3 LTE Goes On Sale In The U.S.


When most people think of Microsoft they don’t often think about Smartphones or tablets. Instead people think of the Windows operating system for the PC. With all the other mobile companies in the marketplace, this has left Microsoft on the lower end of the spectrum. But they are trying hard to make a comeback with their newest Surface 3 LTE tablet. Microsoft already revealed the Surface 3 LTE to a few European countries, but then they announced it would be available to U.S. consumers first. Their 4G Surface 3 is already available through AT&T and T-Mobile. However, you can purchase the unlocked version at any of Microsoft’s retail stores and through any of their third-party sellers and partner outlets.

Microsoft is selling two unlocked versions of their tablet; the 128GB version and the 64GB version. Of course, you will need SIM cards to actually use the 4G part of the tablet, but you can still take advantage of the Wi-Fi if you want to go on the internet. If you do decide to get data service through 4G, then you can purchase SIM cards from T-Mobile or AT&T. As for the actual network carrier service, AT&T has already been given exclusive access to sell the Surface 3 LTE 4G under contract to consumers. T-Mobile will later be able to sell the tablet to their business customers. There is also a rumor that Verizon will start selling it at some point in the future as well.

The big drawback to the Microsoft Surface 3 was its prices when it was announced back in March. The Surface 3 with 64 GB of storage and 2GB of RAM costs $500. And for $100 more, you can purchase the Surface 3 with 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. These prices are about the same as Apple’s iPhones and tablets. So is it worth the price to purchase the Microsoft devices or should you stick with Apple? For one thing, the Surface 3 is a laptop and tablet hybrid. This could make consumers feel like they are getting double the hardware for the price of one. After all, consumers have stated plenty of times that they like having the choice to alternate between a keyboard and touch screen functionality. The Microsoft Surface 3 will give them this freedom to choose.

Microsoft has yet to announce the price they are setting for the Surface 3 LTE version, but some speculators predict it will be $100 more than the Surface 3 versions. This means the 64GB Surface 3 LTE will cost $599 and the 128GB Surface 3 LTE will cost $699. The Surface 3 LTE is currently available in Japan, Germany, France, U.K. and Spain. There is no telling when it will come to the United States.

Apple iPad vs. Microsoft Surface 3


The Apple iPad is one of the best selling tablets ever. Other computer companies have tried competing with Apple in this area, but Apple has still remained number one when it comes to manufacturing tablets. However, this may change very soon because Microsoft is getting in on the action. They have already developed their own Microsoft Windows tablet that is an alternative to the Apple iPad. The Microsoft Surface 3 was released in 2014 and has gotten a lot of positive feedback from tech enthusiasts. The retail price is going to be around $499, which is about the price of a new iPad. So there won’t be much diversity as far as the price is concerned. The diversity comes with the new tablet features found in the Microsoft Surface 3. One new feature is the magnetic clip on keyboard that attaches itself to the front of your tablet. It is said to be a step up from the swivel mechanism that operates the keyboard on the iPad. But more importantly, Microsoft’s Surface 3 is said to help you actually work without needing a laptop.

Microsoft Surface tablets have only been around for three years. In the beginning, they were merely created to compete with Apple. But these Surface tablets have quickly advanced into a successful product line that more people are starting to use. There are also a variety of accessories you can purchase for it, such as keyboards and styli. You can even install Microsoft Office programs such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel. If you choose the Microsoft Office 365 subscription when you purchase your tablet then you can get the entire suite of programs bundled together with it. The screen quality of the new tablet is also much sharper than previous Surface models, but it still has the same full size USB port. This means you can plug in a regular PC mouse or keyboard if you want to use that with your tablet.

Right now the Surface 3 is being advertised heavily to schools and colleges around the country. Parents are also taking an interest in the tablet because it is a suitable device to give their children for school. But the big question is, should you buy this tablet if you already have an iPad? It all depends on how much money you have and how much you are willing to spend. If you already have office suite products on your iPad then you might not think it’s worth switching over to Surface 3 just yet. But if you just want to own the newest Microsoft tablet and experience the differences right away, then definitely consider purchasing this product.

Apple may release a faster new MacBook Air this month (AAPL)


Reports have indicated that Apple is going to release a new MacBook Air sometime in late February, early March. Based on the current reports available and the previous launch cycles conducted by Apple, the new MacBook Air is going to be nothing more than a slightly modified version of the previous MacBook Air. The only difference is the newer version will have a faster processor, additional storage options and more memory. However, it is unlikely that it will be fully redesigned into something else entirely. The exterior look is bound to be the same. When an updated version of MacBook Air was released last April, it only included new Intel processors and expanded memory. But they did lower their asking price to $899 during this time, so one can only hope they will do the same this time as well.

Back in January, Intel reintroduced their newest line of Broadwell processors that are made for desktop and laptop computers. Speculation suggests that future MacBook Air computers will have these chips in them. People expect Apple to make a lot of changes to their MacBook Air computer model throughout the year. The latest rumor is that Apple is working on a MacBook Air with a 12 inch screen and Retina resolution. This would be just like the resolution screen that you can find on the MacBook Pro. Studies show that consumers really care about screen resolution and picture quality with their computers. Between online gaming and watching movies, picture clarity is everything. So if Apple tries to enhance these features then it will make their loyal customers very happy.

The economy is slowly getting better and this means more people are spending their money on material things, like computers. However, an $899 computer may still be too expensive for some people. Even though this is supposed to be a discount, consumers are not going to spend more than $500 on any laptop unless it can do some pretty impressive things. After all, there are many cheap laptops on the market that can perform basic functions. The only reason you would need a MacBook Air is if you worked on the computer and had to store lots of data onto it. But if you are a loyal Apple fan, then you might want to purchase the MacBook Air just for the sake of owning a new Apple product. If you have the money to spare then go for it. Otherwise, you might want to wait for a completely new laptop model to come out.


What It’s Like To Use HP’s Crazy New Computer That Can Scan 3-D Objects In Seconds (HP)

3D Scanner

People have said for awhile now that personal computers are on the verge of extinction. Ever since the growing popularity of tablets and smartphones, fewer people have been buying PC products. Mobile computing truly looks to be the future of computer technology. However, this has not stopped tech companies from improving the technology in desktops. In fact, Hewlett Packard’s newest computer “Sprout” is said to be a different type of PC than other desktops. With the help of a giant touchpad mat and a 3D projector, the HP Sprout can actually scan objects that are placed in front of the projector. Then it will turn the scan into a 3D model on the computer.

HP Sprout is like a reverse 3D printer. Instead of taking 3d models and printing them into 3d objects, the Sprout takes 3d objects and turns them into 3d models. This might not seem like a big deal, but the potential use of this kind of technology is unlimited. Not only can it scan physical objections, but also sketches, pictures and photographs as well. Imagine video game designers being able to draw a picture of a character and then being able to turn that character into a 3d model. That way they don’t have to take modeling courses and become an expert on how to build a computer model from scratch. Architects will also benefit from this for sure. They can take their sketches and turn them into an entire 3d model layout right on the computer. This will save companies lots of time and money from having to build these models from scratch.

Before you get too excited, this technology is still in the early stages. There have been bugs and crashes reported on occasion during the 3d scanning. You also have to consider the high price tag of about $1,900 when it finally hits the consumer marketplace. For the common layperson, they probably won’t want to spend that much money on a desktop computer that can scan objects. However, you can surely expect businesses and especially architectural firms to want to get their hands on these computers. The bugs and quirks will still have to be fixed before anything is made definitely. But you should keep checking the news on the HP website to stay informed on the progress of their latest innovations. One day you will surely see more news about Sprout taking off.

Microsoft May Be Working On a Strange New Gadget That’s a Mix Between A Smartphone And A Laptop (MSFT)

Microsoft Hybrid

There are all kinds of mobile devices in the marketplace. We have already seen hybrids come out that merge tablets with laptops. But, have you ever seen Smartphones mixed with laptops? Microsoft is possibly working on a new hybrid that will mix the features of a Smartphone with the features of a laptop. Right now, Microsoft isn’t saying much about their newest hardware innovation. Instead they continue to talk about their next version of Windows, which is Windows 10. What people are wondering though is which hardware systems are Windows 10 going to be introduced on. From the rumors, it is expected that Windows 10 will be introduced on this newest hybrid device that may currently be in the works by Microsoft.

The description of the new hybrid basically states that you will be able to plug in your Smartphone into a shell attached to the screen of the laptop. It sounds similar to the Asus Transformer Book V, which contains a docking area for your Smartphone on the back of the lid. This allows users to run Windows and Android operating systems at the same time. No one knows if Microsoft’s device will be just like this or if they have their own branded device. Perhaps, they will be working with multiple partners in order to build it. But no matter who they are working with, it is bound to have Windows 10 on it. When Microsoft introduced their Windows 10 back in September, they stressed that it would have a similar interface on all kinds of screens. This means that desktops, laptops and tablets will all be able to have the same style interface, which means that a new hybrid can have one operating system.

Microsoft’s entire plan revolves around linking traditional desktops and laptops with Smartphone devices. Since most people use both kinds of technology, it only makes sense that they should connect to each other. This will make exchanging data between various computers much faster and more convenient. As for the fans of Microsoft, they still exist and are always curious about what their next project will be. However, many Microsoft fans were disappointed with Windows 8 and it made them more distant from their technology. Microsoft will really need to impress people with new hardware and software if they are going to win back people’s trust again. If they don’t then it will only help their biggest competitor, Apple, become more successful in the long run.

Photos of Apple’s Next MacBook Air Might Have Just Leaked (AAPL)

Macbook Air

The Apple Corporation is always working hard to develop new models for their mobile devices. Their latest project is the new version of the 12-inch MacBook Air, which is scheduled to be released around the later part of 2015. Usually people have to wait for trade shows before new devices like this are seen for the first time, but there are now leaked photos of it circulating on the internet. The images do not show much, but the little bit of what they do show still has people talking and gossiping about all kinds of rumors.

iFanr, which is a Chinese blog website, contains several leaked images of the new MacBook Air. The pictures only show the lid of the device with the Apple logo on it. The lid was placed next to the iPad Air 2 and the current version of MacBook Air, which is 13 inches. On the lid, the Apple logo appears to look different than the current MacBook Air. Instead it resembles the glossy Apple logo on the iPad Air. Of course, there are rumors that Apple will eventually change the logo on all their laptops in the future because they want it to match the iPad logo design. Therefore, all of the speculation about the leaked pictures being phony might actually be wrong.

Fans of Apple are always hopeful that any news about future products of theirs is legitimate, even if they are just photos of a lid. Critics believe if Apple does go ahead and unveil the newest MacBook Air later in the year, then it will include the same kind of Retina display found on Apple’s iPads, iPhones and MacBook Pros. However, the bezels will be thinner to accommodate the bigger screen. In fact it will be a lot thinner than any of the other Apple models. Some reports indicate that Apple will have to remove the plug-in ports in order to make the device thinner. Whether this will actually happen or not is tough to say. If the ports are removed then it will make it difficult for users to attach any of their other peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, and keyboards.

The anticipation of Apple’s unveilings is always very high. Apple products are the king of mobile technology in our world. So if you have doubts about any future unveilings, then don’t because Apple is one of the hardest working tech companies out there. You can be sure they will unveil some kind of device in the near future.

Android NetBook for $170

android_netbook_2014Computer technology is getting increasingly innovative by the day. But despite all of this innovation, computer manufacturers are constantly coming up with ways of making their devices affordable to the average consumer. This is what is known as bargain technology. This type of technology is a cheaper version of a better model. We have seen this with the iPhone 5 that Apple introduced last year. They had both the expensive iPhone 5s and the less expensive iPhone 5c. Well now, a French electronics company called “Archos” is trying to make a cheaper version of the Android laptop. Their latest development is the ArcBook, which will only cost $170. The ArcBook features a 10.1” touch screen, a camera, USB port, trackpad and keyboard. It will be powered by a dual core ARM Cortex A9 processor with 1.2 GHz and 1 GB of RAM. The ArcBook will also be preloaded with Office Suite software, but only an 8 GB hard drive. Don’t worry though because all purchasers of the ArcBook will receive 15 GB of storage on Google Drive for free. You can also expand your storage through the use of micro SD cards, which can go up to 64 GB in memory.

Archos has certainly drawn a lot of attention to their ArcBook development since it was announced to the public. They claim their netbook will be able to stay charged for nine hours before it needs to be charged again. Some critics are skeptical about this claim because the company’s last netbook, which was the Archos 10, reportedly had a very low duration of battery life. As for the hardware itself, it is nothing special because it features the standard touchscreen and keyboard combination. It also has 1080p video quality as well. But, consumers will likely still buy this netbook simply because it is only $170. In this rough economy, people are still looking for good deals on consumer electronics. $170 is not a lot of money for any kind of computer, especially a netbook. So, when the ArcBook finally gets released it is expected to sell very well in stores. Unfortunately, Archos has not announced an official release date for their ArcBook. Most critics think it will be released towards the end of the year on either Black Friday or Christmas. That is the time of year when people have money to spend and are looking for quality deals on computers. The ArcBook will certainly be a runner up on their shopping list.

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