Asus ROG Spatha, the new flagship Asus mouse

Asus ROG Spatha review

Asus has announced the launch of its new ship mouse logo, Asus ROG Spatha , mouse wireless geared specifically for MMO games by the number of programmable buttons that account and, today, is the mouse with lower latency market because according Asus when we have cable running their response time is only 0.5 ms ( 2000 Hz polling rate ). Asus ROG Spatha follows below.

The Spatha has a laser sensor to 8200 dpi, of course configurable in this case in steps of 50 in 50 dpi. Incorporates a total of twelve programmable buttons, most of them on the left side (so it is ergonomically designed for right-handed) and plenty of features that make it undoubted high-end, virtually Premium.

To begin we must say that the Asus ROG Spatha is made of a magnesium alloy chassis, which gives high durability and stiffness while little weight. The left and right buttons have the exclusive Asus easy-swap technology that allows a huge configurability. Six of the twelve buttons are in the thumb area, while two more have been incorporated in the index finger, just to the left of the left button.

Asus ROG Spatha reviews

But aside from that it is a mouse that can work both with and without cable, which is adjustably to the palm area and comes with a set of premium accessories including a neoprene sleeve and a charging base as you can see in the picture above, one of its most interesting features is its ability to operate up to 2000 Hz when connected by cable, which means it has a delay communication with the PC only 0.5 ms, or that is, twice as any top-end mouse market today. Of course also it features the now standard RGB lighting.

Asus has not said when we buy the new ROG Spatha or at what price, but we expect no doubt more than 120 euros.

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