Asus Qube with Google TV

Asus Qube set-top box
Asus Qube set-top box

Asus showcased their new set-top box for Google TV called Qube at CES 2013.

It does what other set-top box like Netgear NeoTV Prime do which is transferring HDTV content from Netflix, Google Play, or Amazon Instant Video on your TV, but it sets itself apart from the rest by a 50GB of Asus’ cloud storage, the WebStorage. The Cube has a funky rotating UI and special remote is equipped with motion sensor for playing games. This allows users to control the rotating cube on screen with motion gestures. We can expect this Asus Qube to cost around $100.

You know, the word is that Google Play is dead, but seeing how many OEMs produced set-top boxes and smart TVs for Google TV, it seems that market isn’t all that dead. Getting smart TVs a bit more user friendly and bringing the costs down a bit as well, may make a heck of a lot of difference. Recent Morgan Stanley and AlphaWise survey suggests that smart TV owners spend less time accessing internet than owners of TVs that are well, not so smart.

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